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Things boys do when they start having feelings for you ✍ ❤💚

The feeling of love can be one of the best feelings ever🤩. Most times you tend to notice when someone is gradually falling in love with you.

The points below I'm about to write can also be attributed to both male and female, but I choose to channel it to the male gender, as they do it more than the ladies.

Grab a seat, take a chill, relax and enjoy 🤩

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  1. He text you multiple times in a row, even though it takes you days to answer him🌺😘🥺
  1. He inconveniences himself in order to spend more time with you🖇🦋he cancels plans with friends just to see you instead, he puts you first on his list of priorities🥃🥺
  1. He makes excuses to touch you every chance he sees you.🌺😻which is cute...

he will run his hands through your new hairstyle to test how it feels🤩🥰

  1. He always offers to help in every situation 🥺🥃they suddenly buys you gifts, gives you money😹coz they be thinking when giving you money they will get a chance 😭hahaha!! Abafana the boys😹

Whenever he uploads pictures to his snap (or Facebook or Instagram) story, he keeps checking through the list of views to see if you have watched it yet🌺😻. Your name is the only name he cares about.🌺😘

Many boys do this🤞😹

  1. He remembers the most minuscule things about you.😻 Things most of your friends wouldn’t even remember. Things you don’t even remember telling him

He gives you chance after chance. It doesn’t matter if you drop out of his world for a month and then return.🤍 he will still be there because even though he knows he deserves better,🌺 he cannot pull himself away from you.😻🌺

  1. He likes all of your selfies. Unless you’re pictured with another guy.🥺🤍

I mean they become so jealous about you 😻
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  1. He sits as close to you as possible,😘 even when he has the chance to sit on a separate bench or couch. 🌺Instead of giving you personal space, he gets so close that your arms brush😻🌺
  1. He asks if you’re single. he keeps telling you how he cannot believe your single.👀😹 And then he mentions how he is also single.😻
  1. They always greet you♥️🤞
    Smile when they see you💛
    Always looking away when you pass by.🤞🤞
    Look back at you when you pass😚
    Act wierdley when you are around them ♥️🔥😭🥃
  1. They dress to kill and go around looking for you just to see their outfit so that you be charmed 😭😻😹🥂

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