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Happy Weekend and Welcome to my blog

Last week was mother's day, and i want to wish every mother here and intending mothers Happy mothers day in Arrears

I'm happy to join in the @ladiesofhive weekly prompt.

Women are blessed creatures and should be treated as one.
We should be given respect in the society.


Would you be satisfied being offered a seat in exchange for not being allowed to vote or own land?

Me, as a lady i plan on owning my land if i have the money to buy one, casting my vote to choose a good leader is one of my responsibility, so should vote.

Do you believe that God created women to a lower station in life, and we don't deserve anything more?

Women deserves good things too.
Let me use my self as an example when i wanted to choose the course Civil Engineering, i was told it was a man's course but i didn't stop because i heard that. I wrote my exams and passed now am enjoying the course. It didn't make me feel any lesser about myself and i pushed because i knew i deserve more.

Or do you believe that women deserve equal respect and treatment to men?

I don't really know know where is it written than the men should have a good treatment higher that the women, but we should love each other as ourselves, in as much as we love and respect ourselves we should do the same to other irrespective of the gender.

I would love to invite @zyzymena and @kerrislravenhill to share their thoughts about this Topic.
You can know more about it here

Thanks for reading


Women are strong and powerful. Women should have the right to vote and be voted. I mean women are humans too

True, we should be given the right to be voted for, you are right
Let them give a woman president and see how far the country will go

Everyone is equal irrespective of gender, pursuing career should be up to the individual, not all woman marry or have children.


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Yes you are right
Thank you for sharing your idea

Thank you for your entry to our weekly contest!

I already own my own home and renting the extra suite to another single mother.
God created woman from Adam's side, not from his head to be his superior nor from his foot to be his inferior, but from his side as his partner.


You are very right
You have enough wisdom
I just pray i have funds so i can afford my own suit

I think that there are definitely things men do better than women, and things we do much better than men. However, I don't believe that a man should be considered 'better' than a woman, as we are both created in God's image. We are to be helpmates to one another. Respect, I believe, is a must! Being able to get along in this world, is needed as well. Thank you for sharing and have a lovely day!

You are right dear friend
God knew they needed support that's why he created us

Good points you've got there 👍👍

Thank you dear friend