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In ancient times, women were segregated from taking part in several jobs and societal activities. The truth is that this practice didn’t begin today or a few decades ago but it has been from the bible days.

In our society, there are a thousand and one religion, tribes, groups, and cultures that never permitted women to hold any significant post or perform certain outstanding activities. At some points, women education was counted as being insignificant and a total waste of money but thank God because there has been a drastic change in the tide of things.
My special thanks goes to @kittygirl for coming up with this mind-blowing prompt and to the several women whose hands are always on deck to ensure the smooth running of this community.


Over-time I have heard that a woman cannot be a Force Personnel because she will not be seen by men as a wife but rather she will be mistaken to be too bossy, strict and arrogant. I remembered telling my dad about my interest to get registered in a Naval Academy and my mum immediately objected saying she must eat the fruit of her labour. As funny as it sounded at first, it became a reality. I am currently a sophomore student studying History and International Relations but deep within, I will pursue my dream of becoming a Naval officer and besides that was one of the reason I choosed to study History and International Relations in my first degree.

This whole stereotype began to make so much sense to me when I realized that a lot of women are being limited by societal vices. I have e read a lot of articles that talks about this and it pisses me off completely. Let’s take a critical look at the world and society today, a lot of women are making great impact, locally, and internationally. In several African communities, women are the ones who have risen to take a worthy stand for most of the things we enjoy today. It is worthy of mention that a woman like Mary Slessor fought so hard and that is why we have a lot of TWIN living as free as air in our society today.

All over the world, we have women who have made history irrespective of the oppositions, so then again I asked myself, if this women can do it, why should I stay down. Hence, my driving force. I keep saying this to myself, that I am valuable and my contributions can be accepted globally.

Like every other human, a woman has the right to dream and chase her goals as much as she would love to and there should be no limit except the ones she has created or set for herself. I strongly debunk the mentality or mindset that a woman’s place is in the kitchen and that she should be seen alone and not heard. I believe that she is more than just a woman, she is a member of the majority clan and has equal rights.

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Again, thanks for reading through my blog, see you in the comment sections. I hereby invite @carlynn and @ladiveee to partake in this amazing contest.


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I strongly debunk the mentality or mindset that a woman’s place is in the kitchen and that she should be seen alone and not heard.

Indeed. A woman's place is everywhere right now and we're not just exclusively in the four corners of our house. We can do anything we want and we can be anywhere we want.

I can't agree less. Thanks @ayane-chan

I think you have every right to study and be what you want regardless of opinions. My best wishes for your goals to be fulfilled

Amen to this prayers and thanks @yole

I agree that every woman has the right to dream and chase her dreams.
I wish you the best of luck :)

Awwwnnnnnn, Thanks @coquicoin

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Wonderfully written! Thank you for your entry to our weekly contest! 😊


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I don't still understand why some cultures see women as less, like we are some lower class of human beings that around only follow orders from men ams be silent. No, times have changed and we are and must fight for our rights and dreams..
Thanks for sharing love. Please, don't let anything kill your dreams amd I will be here to congratulate you.

Thanks @sapphirekay
Good to know that i have you on my team.

Well, that makes two of us. 🤗🤗💃💃

I can't agree more ❤. Women should be treated equally and with respect. Sometimes, what we called the job of a man is being performed better by a woman.

Just to share, here in the Philippines, a woman named Cory Aquino ended the term of a robber, murderer, and dictator president. She bring back the democracy of our country.

one outstanding thing about women is their readiness and persistent nature, once the set out for something, they usually get it done.