Dance free - uplifting music

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Listen to this song and watch the video. I am sure you will be tickled funny.
This song shows a bride after the day of her wedding. She is still herself and tries to enjoy herself.

It is also a great lesson about living with oneself without having to depend on another for the sake of company or enjoyment. I know it may sound weird but it is said that if one is content, then there is no obstacle to becoming happy.

Often, it is our own fears and doubts that stop us from living our life fully.
We should learn to enjoy our own company and then we will learn to adjust and live accordingly with others, especially in this modern society where everything is skin deep true.


That is delightful! Thanks for sharing! 😊


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Thanks a lot. ♥

I watched the video and the dance is very great and a bit funny, laughs... Thanks for sharing this one with us here.

Thanks. ♥

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