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RE: Waimea Valley Botanical Gardens and Waterfalls

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Wonderful that the National Audubon Society has been awarded the lease to the land @silversaver888!😀
A sad story how people came to this beautiful land and the last remaining descendants of the kahuna fell into debt.......
I could spend all day at this spot, so very nice that so many people are enjoying!🤗


Which reminds me, I have a bar taken of the bird, that is of the National Audubon Society:

You must be killin' it out here!
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Awesome.... The White Heron...
The National Audubon Society does good work @silversaver888!😀

I wonder if there are any more bars. They are fast disappearing!

Sounds like a very popular series @silversaver888, I am glad you found this bar!!🤗