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RE: Contest #93: Rise, Ladies! Not to revolt but to revoke.

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apologies for the late reply

To some extent, I agree with you...

but a few other matters are also concerning... almost as if people (not just women) are taking advantage of the privilege or security they're being given... for example, workplace harassment... a girl can claim a colleague has harassed her and he'll be seen as a villain often without even verifying beforehand... and now guys can also claim "being provoked" and the claim can be revoked... see where I'm going with this? Either taking advantage or finding loopholes... I would blame the mentality of people in general - they just want to have their cake and eat it too


Well of course there is.
There will always be culprit of taking advantage of situation and I think this happens in so called high class society. And they were not the part of the struggle or taboos as we had to face as middle class or low, right!
Of course there is evil amongst good however the majority apu? It's woman like us!

However, I would like to hear your stories over that.