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I am glad to see another women-centric space appear on Hive! In times past, some men have challenged why women feel that we need a space that is ours alone, and it's probably something that only the mind of a woman can comprehend. I don't know if I can find the words to explain it. So, please, just go with it.

Not long after joining the blockchain, I found a women-centric space in Discord and joined it. I was a member there as well as a Mod and Admin for a while, but chose to leave the group for reasons I won't discuss here. I joined another such group which was vibrant for a while, but eventually dwindled because of obligations in the personal lives of the founders. In January of 2018, @ameliabartlett launched a project that supported and celebrated women bloggers (@ladiesofsteemit). That project burned brightly for a few months and then Amelia's personal life became such that continuing was not feasible. So, I hope #ladiesofhive will fill that empty void! 💖

For those who do not know me... I came onboard in September 2017 after following someone here from another site, so my three-year blockchain anniversary will be later this month! I am retired and will be 65-years-old just before my Hiversary. I am a widow, having lost my husband to Pancreatic Cancer years ago. I am a bit of a geekette with a passion for learning. As a child, I read the encyclopedias my family had, and was always a bit of a bookworm. I still do a lot of reading, but most of it is online now and Wikipedia is one of my favorite sites — click here to read why.

In my work life, I've done everything from working as a Shipping Clerk to drawing blueprints for the Engineering Department of a Fortune500 manufacturing company to serving as Office Manager for an advertising agency. For many years, I worked in Information Technology. Long ago, writing instructions for computers to perform was called "programming" (not "coding" as it is known today) and many of the Programmer/Analysts were women. In those days, most typists/Secretaries were women, as well as Data Entry and Keypunch Operator positions, and computer programming was considered an essential "support function" that helped the business operate. In the current world, of course, many businesses revolve around those tasks, rather than their being considered auxiliary. We were fluent in several computer languages at once and wrote most of our own code from scratch as few "libraries" of ready-made code were available as "coders" of today have at their fingertips. Think of Rosie the Riveter Programmer and you get the idea!

My hobbies and interests have been all over the board most of my life. Star-gazing, jewelry-making, collecting precious metals, collecting pretty rocks, minerals, & crystals have all been in the mix. "Learning" and "Music" have been the two most consistent over the long-haul. "Learning" covers everything from etymology of words to the etiology of pathological processes in the human body to the reason the sky appears blue. My favorites genres of music are Deep House, Jazz, Blues, New Age, Ambient, and downbeats. However, in my collection, I have a little bit of everything including Classical, Folk, Rock (hard, soft, in-between), Alternative, Indie, Reggae, Country, Ska, Punk, Techno, Trance, Tech House, Progressive House, Classical Indian, and some music that defies categorization.

Some people think I chose my username because I like cats. I do, but that's really not the reason. As to how I chose my username, I responded to a challenge on-chain once with this:

    I am quiet
    until I feel comfortable around you,
    then I can be quite vocal.
    I can be a purr-fect and loyal friend.
    I am usually sweet and gentle,
    unless you corner me.
    Then, I will bare my claws
    and fight.
    I can move very quickly.
    And quietly.
    Unless I'm wearing high heels.
    click... click... click...
    Some people call me mysterious,
    although I don't try to be that way.
    It just happens.
    I think I'm just Miss Understood.
    There's nothing quite so good
    as a nap.
    Or seafood.
    Or a fun toy!
    Or a flower.
    Or that pretty stone.
    Pretty stone? Pretty stone!
    Is that pretty stone a quartz or a plagioclase?
    Curious about everything.

    ...and thus... thekittygirl


to learn more about either of these projects, please visit: @heyhaveyamet or @theterminal



Variety is the spice of life.
What an incredibly diverse range of interests you have giving you so many things to write about.
I guess I am so busy with my life that I can't afford the time of exploring new interests at this time. It will have to wait until I retire. I hope to hit a super hot Crypto that takes the proverbial moonshot and maybe I can retire early.
Thanks for sharing @thekittygirl

I so enjoyed reading your article @thekittygirl! What an awesome journey you are in, and thank you for sharing it with us in this community! You are indeed a perfect fit admin for the #ladiesofhive #hive-124452 community 💪. With you at the helm, we will surely grow as a community and reach heights to the benefit of everyone who joins in. I love your prose and learning why you are thekittygirl. And yes... you surely fight like a girl... " I am usually sweet and gentle, unless you corner me. Then, I will bare my claws and fight " (and in heels, LOL!) ... you know how to overcome adversity upon becoming a widow, and come out even shining brightly! Indeed you are a bit of a geekette and a techie and such a delightful friend to all. I already feel so much closer to you after reading this article, @hekittygirl. Thank you for your love and friendship 🥰🌺🤙

I enjoyed reading this so much!! I really love your story and the little poem. I think it is quite impressive! ❤️

You are one of the most talented and delightful people on the blockchain. You know so much and are always a part of all the great communities!

We joined steemit the same month!

I am so sorry about your husband. I know his loss isn’t recent, but it is still crap. The driving force behind my lessened involvement on steem then hive the first half of this year was because my mom was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. I am hoping they caught it early enough... but it is hard to know.

Thank you for always being a treasure trove of information. You are so generous with your time. I really appreciate the helpful hints you share in the ssg/sgs discord and the mischievous additions you always add to the 3-word story! 🤗

Love knowing how you came by that user name and I'm quite happy for the opportunity to get to know you better at the Ladies of Hive!

Hey @kittygirl, we've corresponded a bit, but I never knew anything about you apart from the fact you like barns and you have your fingers in a few pies!!!! Good to find out more about you at last!

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Well i knew a lot but not all that was written above, but i do know that our friendship is one i really appreciate and i love being one of the ladies of hive community.
Lets make a difference and be an addition

You have done many things @thekittygirl! Your journey sounds like it's been very interesting with both happy and sad times, but then, life is that way. It's cool that you are a 'geekette' as you put it. After watching you in action last night, I can see why you will be an asset to this community!

Thank you for sharing! Take care and have a lovely day tomorrow!🤗❣️

This looks so awesome! 💖

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An excellent article! Rehived 😍

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Es una interesante forma de darte a conocer, me gustó leer tu post, saludos compañera.

Yes, I did think it was because you like cats
I love how your name came about, and I lurveee how you tell it :D
I know you but didn't really, I mean you are everywhere, but you were just the lady who knew all these computer stuff, now I KNOW you a little more.
Nice to meet you @thekittygirl <33

This really makes me feel proud to be in the same community with you, And I really love your writing style. Just like @kaerpediem I thought because of the cats, and I loved that idea, but this I love even more. Glad to be with you in the LOH, and very nice to meet you!

Ha! And I thought it was because you liked cats, but, I should have known because that is just too obvious! This is a wonderful place you created here and I am honored to be invited. I missed this, somehow, I really need to get better!

I am glad to see another women-centric space appear on Hive!

Le sigh

Thank you for being part of the driving force here. You rock. Lady!


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