With exactly five million of these Two-dollar Shannon coins minted I have never seen any of these in general circulation in my area of business and commerce as I often use cash than resorting to the credit card, especially with small transactions. My Coinstar and Compass machine coin search adventures has never yielded a ‘Shannon Twoonie’.

The issue was distribution, with the majority of these coins distributed to Central Canada and the East coast like Halifax Nova Scotia as the Ship Building and tendering heritage is still quite strong among the residents living there.

The West Coast saw only a small share of the Distribution, pro rata by population, were likely bought up and hoarded by dealers and coin entrepreneurs. Therefore, I suspect these were hoarded by retailers, casual collectors, and living in coin jars. Especially it is known that middle income Canadian homes tend to tuck away an attractive coin in a drawer and out of circulation.

I do have a few regular 2012 2 dollar Polar Bear Twoonies, Mintage of 84 million.

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Hmm. I'll have to keep an eye out for one of these. Being 20min away from Canada, we get a ton of change from their. Thanks for the info @kerrislravenhill!