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RE: Dear, Another Year

in Ladies of Hive2 months ago

Happiest birthday @jijisaurart!
That lechon is so yummy! I want to attend to your birthday party just to eat all the food you have mentioned. And of course to see and greet you in person! Here’s a !PIZZA gift for you 😊

And your mom is really thoughtful. I like the index card, that’s so me. 😅😂
Wonder what kind of shoes you got.

Anyways enjoy your vacation and enjoy being a year older! Don’t worry about that part being empty and void for now, later on you’ll eventually find that missing piece. Or maybe you found it already but just haven’t realized it is that piece. Not sure but well, let’s just enjoy what we have now!
Happy birthday again!


It's a pair of running shoes because she knows that I love working out haha.

Baka andito lang pala sa Hive yung future jowa ko hahaha char

WOW! May abs ka ba? 😅
Uyyyy how to work out ba? charot

onga, baka nasa hive lang pala sya hahaha

Wala sis haha mahirap ma achieve yun. Nag kukunwaring nag wowork out lang para productive 😆 Tsaka walang jowa kaya ayern na lang libangan ko hahaha char.

Bonggang hobby naman yan! What kind of workout do you do ba? Turuan mo ko! 😅