Not good, not good. A short teen love story.

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So the name is Mary. Yeah, Mary is an old school name to me too, but I didn’t choose it! That isn’t the point of this story. The point of this story is how I ended up after a major catastrophe, which involves two brothers, my best friend, and the weirdest day of my life.

It all started after school, when I was just sitting at the beach with my friends, Nakayla and Shella.

It was kind of boring, since we had nothing to do. It was the Sunday before the last five days of school, so me and my friends were celebrating getting through end-of-the-year tests by chillin like villains on the beach. Though I loved the way the sun felt on my penny brown skin, I was bored out of my mind. Since none of us had very busy lives, we had ran out of things to talk about and were just sitting on the beach staring at the ocean or seagulls.

“So, who’s up for an arm wrestle?” Nakayla turned to us from her pink and white-striped beach blanket. She had her ‘I’m bored, let’s do something crazy’ smile on her face, and since an arm wrestle seemed to be on the less-deadly side of her ideas, I said, “Sure, I could go for a good match.”

We started to wressle, and I’ll admit, Nakayla was a pretty strong opponent.

Since me and Nakayla are both really strong, it took a while for our arms to skew slightly to the left, meaning I was winning.

That’s when I saw them.

Yes ‘them’ as in both of the Thompson twins.

They were walking along the beach, one with a surfboard in hand, the other a long haired dog. But who cares about the accessories? They were the most handsome guys I had ever seen.

Even before this I’d seen them at school tons of time, each of them with their own charm. Elijah Thompson had a flat top made of loose black curls and always talked about leaving this city to become a pilot. Houston Thompson had an afro and was that kind of kid who always wanted to do all the popular dances at the moment, simply because they were in style. If he wasn’t doing that, he could be seen writing in that notebook of his about the most random things. I’d never heard him say he had a dog though. Or that he went to the beach. Or that he didn’t look too shabby shirtless.

“Hey, are you even playing anymore?”

I snapped out of my daze to look back at Nakayla, who had my arm pinned to the right.

“What made you think I wasn’t?”
“That fact that you dazed out for a minute to go look at the slushie stand. Dang, if you want a slushie so bad just go get one.” She told me a bit annoyed.

I could see why she was mad. Who starts an arm wrestling match only to stare off into space (or at some good-looking boys)?

I looked over to where the slushie stand was which was actually right near where the Thompson twins appeared. I couldn't believe my friend thought I would stare at that for three minutes, but thank goodness she did! It meant my little secret crushes were safe with me.

“I’m getting too hot. Let’s bounce.” Nakayla said as she got up and shook the loose sand out of her towel.

As I followed her, my other friend Shella ran up to me and matched my pace a little too closely.

“I know you weren’t staring at the slushie stand.” she told me.

“Oh, yeah?” I asked, trying hard not to listen to her, but I couldn’t help being curious to know if she knew what I really was staring at.

“You were staring holes through the Thompson twins. So which one of ‘em do you like?”

I knew I liked both of them, but no way was I telling Shella that! It’s already weird enough with me knowing I like the both of them. If anyone else knew it was game over! So I replied with, “How do you know I wasn’t staring at the slushie stand?”

“Easy.” she answered. “Because you weren’t.”

The next day was monday, and I was quickly slipping on a pair of my favorite pink canvas shoes. I usually wear vans, but occasionally I switch it up. Especially if I planned to do something different today. Like talk to the Thompson twins…




Quite interesting already. Lol