Translating Ecency Website and Desktop App from English to Filipino (Part 6)

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Hello Hive!

Here's is the continuation of my Ecency translation. I have been so busy these past few weeks and I nearly forgot to do a translation.

Project Information

Project Name: Ecency Vision
Project Description: Web, Desktop, wallet application on Hive for Mac, Windows, Linux

Translation Information

To be translated: en-US.json
Previous suggested translation: 45%
My suggested translation: 8%
Total suggested translation: 53%
Link to the translation:

Screenshots before and after my suggested translations

Before my suggested translations


After my suggested translations



Join me in translating Ecency

Translating is fun and also challenging if you guys want to join me in translating Ecency to your own language then feel free to come in by clicking the links below. (to translate Ecency website and desktop app) (for translate Ecency Mobile app)

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