Dreemport Ecency collaboration week 2 :Lovelution

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It feels just like yesterday @dreemport and @ecency's collaboration took off and today we are already in week two. This week was a very eventful and fun filled one for me.


Photo by Cytonn Photography from Unsplash


In the first week I and @ijohnsen were teammates and we had a lot of fun, though we hadn't come up with a name. This week, just hours after we had come up with a name and banner we were merged with two lovely ladies, @deraaa and @esther-emmanuel. I think we were a perfect fit as they are both lively, lovely, and funny people.

We created a group on discord in order to communicate effectively, and after a couple of shuffling and thinking, we came up with the name Aceforte. It's a mixture of our previous team names. @deraaa used her awesome design skills to manipulate our previous banner and create this lovely one


Group discussions were always fun. There was me who was always editing the group name to match what we were doing,


Ijohnsen who was always whining everyone and calling them boss or madam. He also liked to vanish and reappear.


Not so rare pic of ijohnsen calling Esther a big madam

There was Esther with her gifs, most especially the one with the suspicious looking cat


I like that cat, 😂

And then there was deraa who was always the life of the group. She also has the special ability to tag everyone, which I always wanted


I want to be able to tag everyone 😪

Now for this week's task.


Boost a teammate

We each picked someone to boost and I was to boost @esther-emmanuel's post. I boosted her only active post at the time, but I was refunded the next day, so I had to boost Miles High Club: The Stopover Book Review. In the post she talks about a very steamy romance novel. According to her it's even more steamy than 50 shades which is well known for its steaminess. If you enjoy hot romance novels you should check it out.


Boost a newbie

For this, I messed up. Even after reminding all of my teammates I slept off. I did it the next morning, and my points were returned yesterday. I wasn't paying attention so I missed it. Anyways, I've boosted another newbie right now. Hopefully it works.


Boost a community

Esther was very busy and Deraaa wasn't feeling too well. She also had electrical issues as well, so we weren't all online at the same time. I and Ijohnsen decided to focus on thoughtfuldailypost community and I boosted a post by @shohana1 titled Make It Simple For Others. In the post she talks about how we should learn to be nice and not make life difficult for other people as life is already difficult as it is. It's a brief but well written post.


Boost an old buddy

For this I scrolled through my followers feed, and I realized there's a lot of friends I had who are no longer active for one reason or the other. It made me realize how long (though it seems short) I have actually been here, and how far I've come so far. In the end I ended up boosting @princessbusayo's [post](. Not because it's been so long since we spoke, but because I just felt like. I also commented on some old friends' inactive posts, and left some love there.

In princessbusayo's post titled THIS IS MY MOTIVATION..... I NEED TO KEEP GOING she speaks about how over time her motivation has changed and she's become a lot more self reliant. Her words are pure and from the heart, you should definitely check it out.

It's been an extra fun week, and I'm hoping next week can be just as fun. I wish you all a great weekend, thanks for reading till the end.


Photo by @dreemsteem


N/B:All unsourced photos are taken from Aceforte discord chat


Thank you so much for your kind mention and appreciation for my thoughts. Wish your collaboration with ecency bring more success and prosperity. I love ecency and I think this is the best dApp of hive. Keep serving good job. Good luck!

Thanks for the kind wishes, Ecency is a good dapp and you're a good writer 😊🙏.


I'm honored! 😇 thank you once again! Have a nice day!

Wow, thank you so much 🤗. We'll received


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Thanks @bhattg 😊

😂 Why are you people exposing me?!. Honestly the third day was intense that I didn't when the day went by so fast. It was an awesome with you all. I had fun and I hope we get to do more fun activities together.

😂 Why are you people exposing me?!.


The week moved by too fast, I'm looking forward to next week 😁.

Stay frosty

Oh yes and


That lady @deraaa is just fricking awesome! You were lucky to be in her teem:)
You all rocked week 2 and I see you are starting to master JIT too!
Have a braw weekend and let's enjoy week 3!

What the heck does JIT mean?🤣🤣🤣

Just In Time

Oh. I honestly had my mind in the gutter😂😅

jaja no comment, but I do like your mind in the gutter 😋


I thought that might get a smirk!

I'll give the Smirk later😆

Ahh, enlighten me. What did you think 🤔 ?

Goan sleep🙄

Ha, at this time of the day? 😂

I know right? She's just so awesome, I'm soo lucky.

JIT for the win.

I sure enjoyed my weekend. Too bad it's coming to an end In a few hours

Yeah she really is.
And now Monday is coming to an end, time just fricking rockets past me at the moment!

Same here. Just about keeping up. If everyone wasn't using the same time as me I'm sure I wouldn't know what day it Is

This week has been manic, and I am hardly engaging yet still not got caught up 🤣🤣🤣
I hope that you did your curation trail thing for your partner @deraaa 😉

Huh? What curation trail?

Well done. You are really having fun. Good to know you boosted every corner except me, hahaha. I love your team aceforte

Hehe, in my defense you don't have an active post.

I'm glad you love us, we love you too. Keeping dreemport fluid for us

@esther-emmanuel always rocks with that freaking cat🤣and @ijohnsen can't seem to stay one place. I believe he lives in a palace where he handles royal business secretly but is behaving like he is broke🙄. I also have my suspicions about you...😏
I enjoyed this week honestly. and please @esther-emmanuel next time you decide to walk away from the group, don't give us your back🤣🤣🤣🤣

@deraaa eiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

... also have my suspicions about you...😏

@ijohnsen 's own is sure, but mee? I'm broke as F

... @esther-emmanuel next time you decide to walk away from the group, don't give us your back🤣🤣🤣🤣

Warn her well oo. She has ijohnsen tripping

@b0s 😂😂😂


This one it's only laugh you're laughing everywhere.

You are all such busy bees with this Dreemport/Ecency challenge and you are getting it all done. Awesome job!

hehehe yes this is an energetic challenge and we really have been keeping occupied with it! hehehehe

You all have been doing really, really well! I always wish that I could join you and @beeber but, alas, not enough time in the day. But - I just submitted a post to Snook's contest and Dreemport - yay me!!

oh.... i think you misunderstood. hehehe

if you submitting a post to Snook's contest and DreemPort...
you are doing EXACTLY what me and Beeber are doing LOLOL

that is what we are doing this week.... you ARE with us LOL

No, no misunderstanding - I am just doing this today i.e. 1 day out of a whole week while you are doing the challenge all week!

It's okay though. I am glad I am with you this 1 day of this week 😍 seriously - I am.

hahahaha but - that's really all there is.

tomorrow we are making some crafts. hehehe

and then Friday - we are saying goodbye in a post to Ecency and telling them what we loved about this challenge!

so really??? you did it too!

so congratulations! LOLOL 😃

Thank you 🤗. Glad to see you joined us, even if it's just for a day. Take care


I love how you guys were lively in the group and making it great too. I have known @esther-emmanuel to always use funny stickers and gifs everywhere 🤣

but because I just felt like

Aww, I feel happy reading this part. Thank you 👍👍

I came through Dreemport 🤗

Hehe, we were all very lively and everyone was lovely.

You're welcome :)

It's great to have people with similar plans and are ready to work to achieve the plan.

Indeed it is 😁. Thank you