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I will tell you as an opening of this post...I am munching on bread and nuts as I write this. It took me five minutes to write these first few lines just because.

As you can probably tell, I'm in a pouty mood today. I just want to be pampered! This is already a short post. I can tell...sigh.

Week two of the Dreemport-Ecency Challenge comes to a close and now, we encapsulate everything in one beautiful summary.

(I am probably gonna regret making this post but, I just love Dreemport. I also love Ecency. I have to make this post right now or I'll get knocked out by meds and never make it at all. So it's a very short post!)

Dreemport Assets

Today, I woke up with lots of life at about 7am. I'm sure @tengolotodo would wonder how considering the time I bid him "goodnight" this morning. Yes. I slept really late because I couldn't sleep. I may have had too much coffee and so... No sleep! Hehehe.... How exciting!

I know what you're thinking! But it's not true. No. I wasn't alone in this journey to NoSleep Land. I kept myself company with Dreemport. For those of you asking, Dreemport is a community to send your content and get more eyes on it.

Perhaps you're tired of seeing the same comments from the same people? Or you're tired of reading from the same people? Dreemport is just the thing you need. I had so much fun engaging until 2 in the morning that i never even felt it. It's really amazing. Plus, I woke up to engage some more only because... it's FUN!

If I intrigued you this far, it might also interest you you to know that a challenge is going on right now In Dreemport with our Beloved Ecency. It's been a blast I tell you and this is week two.

Wait... I think i may have already mentioned that upstairs...

Anyhoo, we were split into Teems of Two the first week (I and her Dragoness, @esther-emmanuel) but were merged the second week with @b0s and @ijohnsen thereby birthing...

Yeah! We are AceForte. Does anyone wonder how we came up with such name...? It might interest you to know we nearly named the team "Something about Forte and Ace". But we knew that would be a disaster so instead we did this...


Yep! Satisfying. We all decided as a group on who to boost as the first task which was boost a teammate. I got to boost @b0s.

Also, just so you know, here's a picture of Esther walking away from the group so early in the morning because she hadn't drank morning coffee...


It would also interest you to know her origin...


Second task was Boost a Newbie and I decided on My Introduction Post to the Hive Community by @anitamorgan because it was like fate brought her my way. I don't believe in coincidences. Also, she and her husband are so pretty.

Third task was to Boost a post in a community. Before this, we had a power cut and so I was a little delayed but I really liked this post; Vidas que cambiaron con hive - Lives changed with hive by @soyunasantacruz. I chose the Loving Hive community because I do love Hive and she rendered a short and sweet version of the testimonials of three people whose lives have been changed thanks to Hive.

The fourth task was to boost an old buddy. I have missed my old buddy @belemo.


I can't even remember the last time I saw him in person and we don't stay far from each other. I guess our busy schedules...

But I also left him a message 😁

And now, this is the last task. A summary of my whole week. My Team is made up of the best people I could ask for. You don't want to know what our conversations looks like (or maybe you do) because it's always laughs and mostly never serious unless it's TEEM business.

Designed by Dreemsteem

Thank you @dreemsteem, @dreemport and @ecency for all your loving support. Thank you for this beautiful Challenge that has brought people together and spread so much love. I feel so honored to be a part of this.

Ahhhh... I know many of you are curious by now so worry no more. Here's a step by step guide on How To Use Dreemport. It is very easy.

Audience: You said it was a short post.
Me: Oops! Did I? (Laughs nervously)
Audience: Glares


Lol... That gif from DragonQueen is her trademark. Haha. So hilarious. I see you all had real fun in this group. Hehe. Nice!

You did well using your points to put smiles on people's faces. Hehe.

Glad to see this submission in DreemPort.

Shhhhh don't say that! Or else

Haha... Happy Weekend to you, Essie Madam 😂

Yes we did. Thank you so much for your support

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I love challenges because they fill me with good energy, I will investigate what this is all about in @ecency

Thanks for the boost and for tagging in this post.

P. S. Coffee doesn't make me sleepy, now if I don't drink coffee during the day it does make me sleepy hahah. @deraaa

😂😂😂I see...

🤣 🤣 LOL! You literally just expose me. It is been fun with you dear. The week went by in a single heartbeat. Choosing the teem's name was where our drama started lol. Hope you feel much better now? Cheers to more adventures

More adventures shall come my dear.❤️ And I feel like a horse😂

@esther-emmanuel and gif 5 and 6 sha has gif for literally everything...lol
Week 2 was fun with you and I enjoyed , the interactions, ideas and all.💗💗💗


Awwww. I loved this time with you too. 😁😁❤️❤️

Noo, you're exposing our secrets!!! 😂😂. I had a lot of fun being your teammate, I hope this team continues next week. Knowing @dreemsteem anything can happen, lol.

You did really great this week. Let's rock next week as well.

Off to JIT my post. Incase you don't know the meaning ask @tengolotodo


jeje I hope that you got your JIT post done!
I am so behind , I have notifications from three days ago that I have not responded to🤣🤣🤣
Have a great weekend😁

I just about did (as always 😉).

You're not the only one, I'm just answering one at a time. 😁

And am struggling to even get time to write one today 🤣🤣🤣

I had lots of fun too. Next time, Esther will feed us Salmon

Most definitely. @esther-emmanuel oo hope you've heard. We'll tag you tire today 😁

How are you today @deraaa , what time did you wake up?
I am so happy seeing you out and about on Hive smashing it all over the place!
Let's see what week 3 will bring😁

I am excited on what this week might possibly hold for us. Heheehehehe❣️

Me too me too, hope you are ticketyboo today ;)

I have no idea what that means👀

ticketyboo means good, as hope you are good and everything is good miss sparkling sparkles

Yay! 🤗
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Thank you so much @samsmith1971

Thank you so much!❤️

I didn't know about Loving Hive community. Because its name started with love then I shall like to join it. Running away from group has beautiful meme picture 😂. It made me laugh and I curated your article in my best effort sister.

Awwww! Thank you so much😂

You have got a very lively team with lots of interaction, I enjoyed reading this even though you almost made me feel like it would be a boring post from the onset.

I am glad the week went very well for you, the new week will definitely be a lot merrier. Wishing you a great week.

so could see it's week filled with fun for you, and I see that you guys are having fun in your discord channel... hehehe.

yeah, it's a week of love and I could see that you're able to show love to some people here on hive... your team is doing great.

Thank you so much🙂