A NEW kind of reward for Dreemers!

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Well, there are actually two! But, this is the first one!

The next new reward will have to wait until later this month, when all of the dreemers vying for Dreemer Of The Year will be the first to receive this other reward! I'm kinda excited about that one, but tempering my glee! You just never know if something will sink or swim - so.... I'll just shhhh about that one for now! HERE IS THE NEWEST NEW ONE! 😁

🏴‍☠️🦜☠️The BOUNTY

This one is QUICK AND EASY - and a special reward that is a win/win/win/win. I'm super excited about it because it's all about the heart of DreemPort which is next-level engagement and visibility! And this reward highlights both!

You already know about FEATURED POSTS - but now, we have a new little addition to them!

A BOUNTY has been added.

Why? Because we are dreemie pirates, that's why! hehehe And we be lovin' all the opportunities to hunt down more opportunities for bountiful treasure!

How does THE BOUNTY work?

Whenever you spy those 🏴‍☠️🦜☠️ little icons on Featured Posts - it means HEAD to the post, read and leave a GREAT comment for the writer! Be sure to mention that you're a dreemer so you're in the drawing. At the end of the BOUNTY, we will choose randomly from the dreemers who have visited. And just like that - easy peesy - you've earned yourself 100 Dreem tokens.

I've been earning DREEM, but what exactly can I do with our dreemie token?

Good question!

  • You can sell, hold, swap - obviously, just like any other token.

  • You can buy a Featured Post space (which means your post has highest visiblity for ALL dreemers for 7 days - PLUS has the bonus of encouraged engagement from the BOUNTY)

  • and.... there is a NEW thing that you'll be able to do with your DREEM Token. but... as I mentioned, that will be for all the dreemers who are in the Dreemer Of The Year to try out first! I think it will be fun.... I hope it is!

Go try out the first bounty right now highlighting @mellindor as one of the @scholarandscribe spotlight authors showcased by @grocko , and give her some encouraging support!!

And.. don't forget - if you are using @ecency to drop those comments - you're earning Ecency points too!! and those add up NICELY for boosting posts!



(NEW ONE IS RELEASED TONIGHT) So, head to @mellindor's post above so you don't miss the FIRST one! Can't wait to see your encouraging comment!!! Good luck in the drawing, dreemers!!! I will choose the first winner of the bounty on @melinndor's post tomorrow at 5pm PST!

Hope you enjoy extra chances to earn more DREEM tokens and... hope you enjoy spending them soon!!! ❤️

Thanks to @shadowspub, @jamerussell, @penderis, @bluefinstudios, @kenechukwu97, @kemmyb, @wesphilbin, @mypathtofire, @melinda010100, @samsmith1971 and @dreemsteem for making the @dreemport voting power go farther! ❤️

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Hehehe. Bounty makes me head swell. 😂Aye! Aye!! Captain!!!
Thanks for the bounty offer. This pirate is about to head over for the bounty and still got a lot of task to be done…
Thanks Captain!!

LOLOL anything pirate related makes your head swell!!! hahahahaha

and we be lovin' it!!! arrrrrrrgh! hehehehe

glad you're heading over to take part ;)


I am not spamming capt'n. I am just excited. Hehe 😍

hahahaha your comments are forever welcome! LOLOL i never consider it spam - you should know that hahahaha

i'm excited too - i hope it works out! hehehe

Wow. This is such an encouraging way to leave great comments for those dreemers. Can't wait to receive amazing prizes in the future. 🤪

I agree :) hope that it will be fun way to keep people excited about engagement!

That is surely fun. Having some rewards while engaging with some awesome authors is quite enjoyable.

Oops!!! 😂😂😂
I have read the post before @dreemsteem ...what do I do now ?....will my previous comment count for the draw?

hehehe - you're ahead ofthe game! :) just be sure to edit the comment and a little note saying you're a dreemer so i know to add it to the drawing ;)

Alright ma'am 😘

Dreemie is full of surprises 😂😍
Another bounty... alright..sounds great... let's head on there pirates 🏃🏃🏃

and the new one is up on the DreemPort home page now :)

so be sure to keep checking! :) every 3 days - a new one will be up! so thats 11 bounties for the next month to grab! hehehe

Alright...I will just it asap 👍😍

This is a great update, thank you for this great opportunity dreemie.
Dreemport will continue to be the best among the rest, I know dreemport loves all her members and have great things for us.

Love you dreemport💖💖💖

hehehe so welcome :)

Now that's another brilliant idea Dreemie, I have always thought about what more uses the tokens have aside selling them and I'm so happy you've mentioned some here.

That bounty is my best part of it all, I can't wait to go see all the interesting comments from amazing Dreemers, hehe. Thank you so much for giving us more opportunity to earn more points, we are grateful captain ❤️.

I will surely do well to check out the post, the username looks familiar but I'm not sure if I've seen it before, I'll find out soon, hehe.

Have a great week ahead Dreemie 🥰

yes hehehe i've been waiting for it also... sometimes i'm impatient for things to faster LOLOL

don't forget to keep checking the DreemPort homepage every 3 days to grab the next bounty! the 2nd one is up now :) so go see mellindor and then whoever is next!

That's all good, thank you so much for the update, I really appreciate it, I will check it out soon 🥰

Thank you for your continued collaboration. 🙏 You and your wonderful community have really been a treat to interact with. Here's to many more. 🍻

I love the bounty idea :) It reminds me of our treasure hunts ♥️

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Another great development! Awesome.

Love the creative additions! I will be checking in regularly to ensure I am giving the featured posts attention! !LUV !ALIVE !PIZZA

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