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I LOVE challenges like this.

As I'm sitting here typing, I'm smiling from ear to ear - just giddy over the energy that I've seen in the past few days. Don't forget to scroll to the bottom of this post and see where you are ranked on the leaderboard! Everyone who has been getting those bonus points BEFORE the launch will see their names there!!

You know, I'll be honest. Brutally honest with you! hahaha

There are times when I think - ohhhhh I wish I had so much money to pour into DreemPort so that we would be big and have massive upvotes and all the flashy things to attract people to make us better!!!

Because - we all think things like that, don't we? The "what would we do if we had no limits - big wallets - all the time!!" LOL and that's so fun to imagine! But then I have a few days like this - where all that I have, is all that I give, and it's enough.

And the people who jump into the fun!! hehehehe You participate and make me smile and laugh and get silly will excitement!!! And I think - YOU ARE THE DREEMERS that make this all worthwhile!!!! If we are always just a sweet little community project that pours into the people who need us - hey... that's pretty sweet. Some people don't even have that their whole life - and I'm blessed because of you all! ❤️

So - for December, I hope to make this fun for you! And I hope that we finish out the year with laughter, love, hope for 2023, and joy for the space between!




To get MAXIMUM POINTS for your first week:

are you looking for the 2nd secret word from PYPT? here it is!
Plum Padiddles 😂😂😂😂 (TAG ME SO I SEE IT LOL)

JOIN @SHADOWSPUB AT PYPT for the official launch of the Dreemer of the Year Event. "PIMP YOUR POST THURSDAY" is a show where you can interact with fellow bloggers and present your post in a casual voice show! EVERYONE who shares a post of theirs - or a friend's post - will be earning 10 points FOR EACH POST SHARED! So don't be shy!!! Share and earn and RACK UP THOSE POINTS!!

You want to submit a post - ANY of your posts that you've EVER written (it does NOT have to be a brand new post!!) to DreemPort starting TOMORROW!!!! Our weeks will go from Thursday to the following Wednesday! and WE TAKE WEEKENDS OFF! so you get a break!!! hehehe If you do this - without missing a day - you earn 100 points! simple :)

Your first CHALLENGE POST is due in DreemPort on December 2 by 4pm PST, and the topic is CRYPTOBLAST!! That means - WHAT HAVE YOU BEEN EXCITED ABOUT in the crypto world lately? Some new juicy project? Some scandal that is rocking our world? Some token that has great potential? Write a polished piece that dazzles your fellow dreemers! All posts that are VALID (meaning no copyright/ plagiarism issues, no stolen images, and meets community guidelines) will earn 100 points! PLUS, the top 5 curated posts will earn additional TWENTY FIVE (25) POINTS.

that's 10 points TIMES 5 DAYS! Love engagement? Love @ecency? PERFECT! EVERY DAY, starting Dec 1 - at noon PST, I will check the Ecency Leaderboard. Any DREEMER in the top 10 will earn an additional 10 points! (plus, you earn Ecency points which can be used to boost your post or others! Sweet!!)

DreemPort is all about connecting writers and readers through curation! So STARTING TOMORROW, HEAD TO DreemPort to do your daily curating! If you curate Thursday - the following Wednesday (weekends are off - so take your break!) you earn 100 points! Don't miss a day, or you miss the bonus!



25 points awarded for the first fast bonus!
5 points each for every promotional survey link

Before the Challenge even started, all you dreemers earned extra bonus points!!! NICE JOB!!! and... Good luck on your first week!!! See you at PYPT tomorrow, the show begins at 9 am PST!!

Thanks to @shadowspub, @jamerussell, @penderis, @bluefinstudios, @kenechukwu97, @kemmyb, @wesphilbin, @mypathtofire, @melinda010100, @samsmith1971 and @dreemsteem for making the @dreemport voting power go farther! ❤️

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to do list
PYPT logo by @shadowspub


Iska!!!! 😂 Be calming down o
Look that massive distance you gave us, are you trying to practice social distancing? 🤣

You are doing well, keep going... If you win, I win so let's have the fun.

The challenge has officially begun, I'm excited for the first pypt meeting 😁

Hahahhahhhaahah😆 maybe she is. She gap us well.

Yes oo, sweet gap 🥰, but don't be discouraged dear, you can still meet up and I know you might even get the crown because I've seen you in action before, hehehe.

see you whining me. hope be careful o😁 what kind of teasing is this na , me wey no dey active

I know say you nor dey active now but I know say you go fit do something incredible if you put your mind to it.

i will only try my best

Yes dear, that is what is needed 😊

Let me ask her so I can confirm 😂

ok na confirm o

Funny you are babe 😘🥰

As in ehn, the thing shock me

Hahaha. She said social distancing. This is throne distancing ooo my dear 😂😂

Thanks babe. We will all be winners. ❤️

I really hope I don't forget PYPT. I usually remember that meeting at the end of the day. 🥺

I really hope you don't, you're winning already 🥺

Awwwnnnn. This is so thoughtful. I'll try not to forget 🤗💕

Alright, I'll see you there then 😊

Yes oo, I hope I don't miss it too oo, because it's only when I have meeting that something want to take my time, lolz

As in ehn... Right now, battery want to take my time 😩 I'm just hoping they bring the light soon

Don't worry, I'm very sure you won't forget, at least not the first one, hehe

I think both of us need to remember judging from your response on your sister's comment... Lol.

Hahaha, yes oo my dear. I will try to remember too 😂😂

Yes, I can't see anyone competing with that, the throne distancing as she has rightly called it is hooge 😂

Hahaha.... I don't even where I got that name from 😂😂

Hahaha, that's the spirit my dear, I love it!!!

We move 🥲

Of course, except say you still like dey there sha 😂😂

Hahaha, throne distancing indeed. Don't worry you won't forget the meeting this time, I see you want the crown and that spirit will be your guardian angel 🥰

Sweetheart.... I can't say thank you enough.... You are a darling 🤗

You don't have to tell me thank you now, hahaha, maybe when the challenge ends because I will always stop by to give you a drive, hehehe.

Ha 😳.... That will be totally awesome 🙈😘😘😘

Yes it will be and I'm willing to try my best, hehehe

Don't mind her. She got no one to compete with her better. And I think I would be the next.

Though I am like a snail but I want to be faster than the hare. 😂

Haha I can't wait to watch you compete with her, you got this 😂

Yeah. Thanks so much for believing in me.

I believe in you too, just believe in yourself, hehehe

Sure. That’s why I am me and not anyone.

Exactly!!! Good response, hehe.

Motivational speaker, hahaha, nice one 😂😂

Lemme alone 😂😂

How dare me hold you before, please shift oo 😂😂

Of course you can, I believe any one can although @iskafan is taking the lead big time but then, I believe anything is possible, hehe.

Hummn. In as much as she can do it. We can also do it too.

That's just it, so let's get to work shall we?

What work am I to do now? I am following you Ma

Just keep engaging and make sure to do your curation on dreemport if you haven't and also share your post too

Hahaha 😂😂
The babe is on fire 🔥🔥🔥

As in ehn, but my amiable ambassador don't feel discouraged oo, anything is possible oo, just do the little you can, you might just get to the top somehow, you never know.

My dear....I am trying my best with my boys 😂😂👍

Yes I know, those guys better take it easy on you oo, tell them that their hive aunty said they should stop disturbing you. 🤣🤣

Hahaha 😂😂
I wish you can talk to them directly 😂

I will have to one day, hehe. I think it would be a good idea 🤔😌

She has done a lot and I'm happy to see that it has been recorded accordingly of course. I could see her every where creating awareness about the challenge to everyone she come across with and that is what a queen does, share with her citizens, hehehe @iskafan is doing the work of a queen already, girl I wish you all the best is being crowned the queen and you too @merit.ahama, we have 21days to accumulate more points you know, hehehe.

Hehehehe.... Thanks darling. You are even positive about this than I and @merit.ahama are. In fact, we are already freaking out 🥺

You're always welcome dear, please don't let yourself freak out, you are doing just fine and I think you will be just fine if you keep up the good work.

@merit.ahama is a lazy girl before, please don't follow her footsteps oo, you are doing really well and everyone is looking up to you now as it stands, so be confident in what you can do and whatever the results are you know you earned it big time 🤗.

Remember I'm at your back, I'm here to give you hope, hehe.

I'm a lazy girl?
Well, I think you need a microphone and speakers to say that again 😁

Normally, we nor dey like stress 🤣 so lemme alone ehn

Hahaha, see the way you and @iskafan dey drag the most laziest, lolz, ona well done oo 🤣🤣🤣

Leave us alone 🥲

@merit.ahama is not lazy oooo.... If you are looking for a lazy person.... Na me hold that medal 😂

Lol... You're not lazy na

Motivational speaker @merit.ahama, well done oo 😃

Is alright, make ona sha continue, I dey here dey watch ona two 😂😂

Tell her ooooo 🥺😩🤣

I have oo 🥺😭😩

Me I'm nor sure again but I'll keep trying anyways

You better sure oo, I'm sure you will still make wave sha, because we just dey start so remember?

I hope so o

Yes dear, so be encouraged and go for it, hehe.

Because - we all think things like that, don't we? The "what would we do if we had no limits - big wallets - all the time!!" LOL and that's so fun to imagine! But then I have a few days like this - where all that I have, is all that I give, and it's enough.

One day, dreemsteem, we will get there. All of us. That's why we keep building our stakes.

In the near future, those big upvotes will come because we will rally around as dreemers and support each other and of course have as much fun as possible.

Thanks for the ones you are doing, you are setting the pace for us, you are amazing, Mama.


Fellow dreemers, have as much fun as you want. It's celebration season remember? 😁😍

Happy Christmas in advance guys.

A happy new month to you too ❤️❤️❤️❤️

How happy you are. To explore those points into your dashboard. I won't talk 🙈

Hehehehe.... I am so happy 😊

Please don't talk o 😅

Hummn. You still want to stylishly hear from me and know what I look like 😂

Haha.... Na style we go use get what we want nau 🤧😅😃

I am a pirate… that’s I am I can tell you for now. 😂

You lived a pirate life before?

Haha. No, I haven't. Tell me about it. 😁

You're absolutely right dear, the port has done so much for her Dreemers and we know that it will do even more as it's able. And yes we have ourselves as Dreemers to support each other and I think we all can be a whale all together if we work together, hehe.

Yeah, yeah, it's time to get those golden points and have so much fun!!! 🥳🥳🎉🎉🎉.

Happy new month to you too dear and happy HPUD too 🎉

And whales we will become if we don't slack or back down 🙌🙌

That's it my dear and we are on our way, hehehe. Backing down is not an option for us Dreemers, we are conquerers 💪💪

Oh my god. So I am not on the list! Chai!

I have missed out a lot. What a pirate who has lost his ship. I know it’s never too late to get back on track again. I just have to begin dusting my treasure box and all other stuff to get the job done.

Fist mission is to get back on the list then then rest are history.

Yeah, you didn't start when you should but I think that is not a problem at all, the main challenge just started today and I believe you can still get the crown if you want to, you just have to do what you know how to do and get the crown, hehehe.

Yeah still on it. Thanks for the motivation to do better. No worries you are a model to me.

You're welcome dear, I'm honored to your model, I hope I Merit that, hehe. But why am I your model of I may ask? I'm second on the list oo, lolz, follow who know road oo 😂😂

Second on the list compared to someone under the list. What else can I say. I think I am lost!

Road? Does the road have a name? If not. Then let me follow anyone.

That is true sha but I just wonder why you choose the second, thank you for choosing me sir 🥺

😂. Maybe because I am the first 😂 😂🙈

Let the fun begin 😉🤗❤️🤩
I love challenging challenge 😍
Let's move there dreemers 🎉🎉🎉🥳🥳🧡🧡🥰😘😍

Yes my ambassador, that is the spirit, I believe you can challenge yourself even more although it won't be easy but trust me, it will be worth it 🥳🥰.

Sure...it will worth it
Nothing good comes so easy 🙂

Hahaha, that emoji sha, well, that's just how it is, the bitter truth 😂😂

@iskafan are you trying to steal the show from dreemport🙆‍♀️🙆‍♀️
Anyway, you are doing well.
The show kicks off today, I'm so excited...let's go there 💃

Hahaha. Na you teach me how to steal nau 😃

Yesterday, you told me you already carted the crown away 😁

Yep. Let's go there, darling.

I wasn't aware I carted away a fake one, you carted away the original and replaced it with a fake.
I can't believe this

Hahaha... This man ... Why are you like this? 😂😂

As in ehn, the thing taya me. 😂😂

Oh my!!! So sorry about that 😂😂, but like I said, it can't be stolen you have to work hard and play smart for it, hehe.

Did you know me?? Or what my name is??

My name is "Never give up" 😂

Haha 😂

Now I do. I'll never forget 😜😃

Good of you. Good 👍 😂

Yeah. Thanks very much boss 😜😁

Always welcomed

Lolz, make ona leave me oo 😂😂

That name is for everyone that wants to get the crown actually, haha.

Oh wow, what a great idea of a name, hehe.

Lol. You like my name. No worries I would reveal it soonest. Don’t be in a haste..

I'm not at all, I'm waiting Patiently..., hehehe

Good of you my mentorship modeling

Hahaha, really? @actordontee that crown can't be stolen, hehe it is earned by hard work and consistency, hehe.

Hahaha, yeah, the showcase will be really fun today because we will be having so many people in attendance, hehehe.

Wow! Really set for this game count me in hurray!! I know it's gonna be massive smiles, thanks for streamlining such a pretty engagemen.

It's going to be just fun. See you there.

Yum yum, I'm happy to see you are joining us in the challenge, as you can see we have gone a little forward but guess what? You can still get the crown if you want to, hehehe. All the best!!

~~~ embed:1598278883480338432 twitter metadata:MTU1MzI3MTk0MTY0OTM2NzA0MHx8aHR0cHM6Ly90d2l0dGVyLmNvbS8xNTUzMjcxOTQxNjQ5MzY3MDQwL3N0YXR1cy8xNTk4Mjc4ODgzNDgwMzM4NDMyfA== ~~~
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@iskafan is really giving us a run for our money😂😂😂
Please leave my crown 🥺

How did you get 140 points anyway 😂😂
Okay it's all good😵. Let's see how fast we can rack things up in this Dreemport contest😂😂

@omosefe , this is something you may like🙃, you're like my official crypto reporter 😂😂

Hehehehe.... I had no idea the crown was yours 😜

Truly, let's see how we can rack up more points for this.

Don't forget to have fun too @seki1🤗

Of course😂😂
Its all for fun😵🙃😌

Hahaha 😂

Let's have fun then 💪❤️

I'd say she did what was expected of her and that was how she racked so much point. Now you know I'm not your competitor right? I'm just a baby still throwing baby steps, hehe.

All the best with the challenge dear, I'm sure you can still get a lot of points because you are very consistent at the PYPT and you can gather so many points from there, hehehe.

All the best dear, keep doing what you know how to do best and you will be just fine 🥰.

Happy new month to you dear 🥳🎉🎉

Lol, thanks for the tag @seki1. I've been working on something that's barely giving me time to spare. I hope I can participate.

I see, no rush then😂
Good luck on your work🙃

hahahaha @iskafan was promoting EVERYWHERE.... lolol

she even created a beautiful video...I was so impressed!!!!

but there are lots more points to get @seki1 !!! hehhee be sure to start collecting today at PYPT!!! HEHEHE

I saw the video to and i have to say it was impressive 😂😂
No matter😌 No fret 😗
The crown would be handed to me on a platter
With me checking it out on my closetmirror

Hello World! Hello everyone !!!🤣

I am zander from the Philippines! I am 13 years old po!!!. I am newbie here po! You can know me more here po! In blog Mama call me Unico po😉💕👋🤣🌟🌟🌟🌟😄🤗


Thank you po @dreemsteem for the event. I am very excited and very nervous po! You might brutally interrogate me later po. 🤣😇😂🤩.Show some love for me po!😭😭😭😋😜🤣🤗👉😉I am looking forward for the meeting po! I am praying now that my discord be fixed po, because hard to verify my account po I don' know why that Is why I can't enter the few step to enter the channel po😭 I want to grab the opportunity to share the post of others especially po the Newbies who have great skills po even if they are simple person only. I also want to meet many friends po!. I am only young but I am friendly and praying that you will guide me po. My mama @aimharryianne is busy po so I am asking the other blogger here po to guide me. Advance thank you po! See you later po (I hope my account verified😭). 🤣😂Advanced Merry Christmas po! I am very happy I am part of dreemport family. What is the exact time in the Philippines, po our meeting?

👋❤️Bye po!🙏

Oh my darling, so sorry about your discord account verification, I think you should use your mom's own for today and explain to everyone one why you have to use hers.

Sometimes it is hard to verify an account on discord. Well, I the meeting will be starting less than 5 hours from now, so just do the calculations to know when to show up on discord. And like I said, if you can't verify t before the time, just plead with your mom to make use of her own and make sure to introduce yourself to us during the meeting.

All the best dear, I look forward to seeing you in the meeting later 🤗.

Hello po! Thank you po🤗, I already fixed my discord po! I will see you in the PYPT meeting po! God bless you po!👼🙏

Awwn, that's so nice, I'm so happy for you dear, I hope to see you soon, the meeting will be starting very soon, hehehe

I am waiting po! I am controlling my eyes to close po! It is midnight here po!. How many minutes more to start po?😁

Oh dear, so sorry about that. The meeting will be starting in about 40 minutes time 🥺

Ok po! IF I can't wait more. Maybe po God allow po that I can not join po, that I will join next time to promote my post po and other post. I need to wake up 3:30 AM here po. It's already 12:22 AM po!.

@iskafan told the whole world about it wow. Hehe. This is gonna tough and fun at the same time. I love me a challenge. Game on. Now I've been thinking about what to do with that first post hmmmh.

Hahaha.... I couldn't reach the whole world ooo 😂

Don't worry, just browse through Leofinance community, you will figure something out.

I haven't made up my mind on it too. But I am planning to follow the advice i just gave you.

Oh thank you. I'll do just that. May the best man win.

And that's the spirit. Fighting 💪

hahaha she really did!!! lolol

This is interesting even more seeing the number of Dreemers that are already in the challenge. Well, I love dreemport for so many reasons and they not having a huge up vote is one of the best ways for her to take out all of the unwanted Dreemers so I think that is fine. We your Dreemers are happy and I know it's a matter of time before those whale votes come in.

Back to that list, @iskafan dear, you are doing really well with the challenge so far 140 points in just less than 4 days, that is awesome, I can't help but imagine the number of people you have informed about the challenge, good one dear. Keep the fire burning and don't grow weary even after the challenge because you have the energy dear.

It's going to be a really challenging one but it's going to be so so much fun and I can see that all the Dreemers are up for that fun, let's get the crown baby, hehe.

Thanks so much baby girl. I'll do my best 🙌

You're always welcome dear, keep sharing and having the fun 😘❤️

Am I not the staff 🤔... hehe

Oh I have seen @iskafan promoting the challenge everywhere and on the ecency leader board in top 3 positions. Hey, girl you are so eager from the day one..... give others some space 😂

This is gonna be a super end of the years with this challenge. I sm sure dreemport would be flooded with submissions and curation.

And we are blessed to have you @dreemsteem. God bless you


you are not staff

you are SUPER STAFF hahahaha

that must be why I didn't put it on ..I didnt want to intimidate the others 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

I'm glad this will be a fun way to close the year end.... hehehe I thought we needed to close at home....and close with joy and fun!

If it goes well...hehehe next year will have it repeated and upgraded! hehehe

I love you lady!


Somebody frame these words for me ❤️❤️

If it goes well...hehehe next year will have it repeated and upgraded

It is already going well. I went to leader board. Dreemers are roaring there

Hehe.... Of course you are one of the staff 😊

Space?? Ok, fine. I am taking a break. You guys take this space and shine 😁

This challenge is just so timely. It will be the best end of the year ever.

Yeah, we are blessed to have our dreemsteem🥺❣️💕🙌

. I am taking a break.

Hehe. I am sure you would come back with more powers.

Keep shinning, dear.
We are more than happy to have you among us to 🤗

no breaks!!!! hahahahhaa

you are amazing!!! lololol

keep setting the pace with love and dedication...I'm so impressed hehehe

This looks like so much fun 🙌

If we are always just a sweet little community project that pours into the people who need us - hey... that's pretty sweet. Some people don't even have that their whole life - and I'm blessed because of you all! ❤️

And all of us Dreemers are blessed because of you ♥️

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I think that is reversed....there would be no DreemPort without our amazing teem! and you all bless me more than I can say 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗

That means a lot - but you know it goes both ways ♥️

Great stuff and @iskafan well wow, keep it up
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Maybe if I had seen this post earlier, I wouldn't have missed PYPT. I planned joining because of this challenge but I got to remember late in the night and it was almost ending 😌😌 but I am meeting up on other tasks though.

I will join next week's own.
Let me just put up my game on the leaderboard. No resting 😅😅😅😅