On your mark, Dreemers! July is HERE!!! Are you ready for Ecency?

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I've waited long enough!

Now it's time to get your minds ready, your drive activated, and your engagement fired up!

I was going to wait until tomorrow to post this - but there are so many people who are waiting to get the details for this next week and want to prepare - I thought, IT'S TIME!!!

So - without further ado - let's get started!!!


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I can't say anymore than that! Most of you continue to comment about not knowing all these special little perks of using Ecency - so what better time than to give it a proper trial run, than our Challenge?? Just go for it!!!

Here are the details: PLEASE DO NOT SKIM! PLEASE READ!!!

This looks like a lot of instructions - but don't worry, when you read it - you'll see how easy it is! hehehee

  • If you want to join in, please COMMENT at the end of this post and simply say "This dreemer is in!". You can write more - but make that your first statement so we don't miss it!

  • TAKE A SCREENSHOT - FIRST THING MONDAY MORNING (THE SOONER ON MONDAY, THE BETTER) OF YOUR CURRENT ECENCY POINTS. (If you need help locating this - please join the ECENCY SERVER and tag @melinda010100 or @beeber for help!

  • You will write a post (and include that screenshot of any points you have) introducing yourself to the community! Make it fun! Tell us what you are like! Maybe give us 3 fun facts about yourself? hehehe Let us feel your excitement for this month's challenge!

  • You will be partnered with someone this whole week! Because teams make challenges the most fun! hehehe It will be random- but we would love to pair one dreemer with one ecency member! And get to know each other! We will announce the pairings on Monday!

  • You will be working as a team - AND you will be starting WITHOUT knowing who you're partnered with! hehehe Just publish your first post on Hive (as mentioned above), making sure to show us your screenshot - and THEN SUBMIT THAT POST URL TO DREEMPORT If you need help with that - check the BOTTOM of this post for a step-by-step guide!

  • Finally - We are doing something NEW for our dreem tokens this week! If you and your partner submit a post on Monday - your dynamic duo team will earn normal Dreem tokens. On the 2nd consecutive day - if you both submit - you earn DOUBLE tokens! Third consecutive day - both submit? TRIPLE tokens, and so on. If you or your partner miss a day - you'll reset back to normal tokens and grow from there! The posts from Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday can be ANY topic of your choice! New posts are preferred, but if you want to submit an old one - that's fine too!

  • Can DreemPort staff participate? YEP! As usual, your rankings will be pulled from the Top Daily 5 - but you can STILL join in the fun if you like!

VERY VERY IMPORTANT! Our screeners spend a lot of time screening every post, running it through plagiarism checks and verifying your images. We cannot accept your post if you plagiarize (obviously) and we cannot accept posts with images we can't easily verify. PLEASE CITE THE ACTUAL SOURCE of your commercial-free images - OR simply inform us if they are your own photos!

  • On FRIDAY - publish your CHALLENGE POST on HIVE (in the @ecency community if you like!) and add a screenshot of your NEW Ecency point balance. Tell us HOW DID YOU LIKE YOUR WEEK USING ECENCY? Did you learn new things about your partner? Did you talk to them in the comment section? Support their posts? Hang out in discord at all?

  • DO NOT FORGET to submit that post URL to DreemPort by 5pm PST - in order to get in before the deadline! Remember that the site is automated and closes submissions right on time!


Image from Pixabay

I know, I know, I know.... it LOOKS like a lot of details to remember - but just use this post as your cheat sheet! It's pretty easy, taking it one day at a time! hehehe

Also - I will be in the Ecency server tomorrow, hosting a "Ask Dreem questions about the Challenge" time! lol Dreemers usually are very familiar with the DreemPort process - but new dreemers in the Ecency server might need some more help! So I'm coming to you guys to answer your questions! ❤️

ok - now that you read it.... are you in???

Tell me so in the comment section so I can start compiling our list and partnering you up!!!! hehehehe


What do you think? Ready for this week?

Hope to help you connect with MORE readers through DreemPort!

All DreemPort images property of DreemPort and designed by the amazing @jimramones. Please do not use without permission from DreemPort.

(Feel free to use this image sourcing banner on your posts if you like!)


This dreemer is in!

This is going to be fun, mama yaaaaaay. I wish I can do some dance moves to show my excitement right now hahaha. Well done, momma.

hahahahaha of course you can! LOLOL just be sure to share those moves with us! hahahaha

This time around, I would gladly do that hahaha. Thank you, mama.

Great challenge! Let's try to promote it a bit more for bigger exposure!

I have picked this post on behalf of the @OurPick project and it will be highlighted in the next post!

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wow!!!! well thank you so much!!!!!!!! we appreciate you doing that!!!

This dreemer is in!

I already love Ecency, so this is right up my alley :) And it will be good for me to write a post a day again!


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yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy oldschool is here!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and yes - hehehehe this will be the kind that brings all kind of love and joy in it!!!!

thank you for the vyb curation too!!

This is going to be so much fun, I can't wait to see who my partner will be :)

Ecency and Dreemport, what a perfect fit 🙌

hehehehe that is like - THE biggest excitement for all of this - everyone is dying to know who their partner will be!!!! LOL

When will we find out😂???


I'd like to start a diet.
But I've got too much on my plate right now.

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I am soooooo happy that we finally start!!!
I love to have secrets but keeping THIS one for all those weeks was a challenge :-D

So really looking foreward to many dreemers and ecencials joining in !ALIVE

@dreemsteem! You Are Alive so I just staked 0.1 $ALIVE to your account on behalf of @beeber. (1/10)

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hehehehe yes - secrets are fun - but SHARING the secrets is the most fun!!!!

i'm so happy beeber - so glad that we are doing this!!!!!!!!


Haha and the best is only we know our Partner by now !LOL

How do trees get on the internet?
They log in.

Credit: dksart
@dreemsteem, I sent you an $LOLZ on behalf of @beeber
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LOLOL more secrets for us! hahahahaha

(well actually i dont know who their partners are yet either but still hahahah)

Hmm it might be my old eyes overlooking > If you need help with that - check the BOTTOM of this post for a step-by-step guide!

So I hope I did well and please point out the guide to this blind baby😎

hahahahaha i might have forgotten it! you are most likely having 20/20 vision! hahahahaha

here you go!


thanks for the heads up! hehehe

Thanks I think I did it right without the steps but glad I could check!

This Dreemer is in!!

Sorry, I don't mean to shout the heavens down only that I have been on the SEE(A) For too long, lost by the storm that my compass couldn't help me retrace my steps. But now, Dreem got me back.

Let's do this. Ecency! Here I come.

My partner better be on point.

Happy new month @dreemsteem

happy new month darling!!! and you just shout as loudly as you like!!! hahahaha

we are always ready for fun, and we love CHEERS hahahahaha

I'm so glad that i pulled you back in Ishmael!!! can't wait to have your posts in the mix!!!

For the record, this is me sending in another reply from ecency's front-end. Haha. This guy is loving it. I just need to find a way to automate being redirected to the front-end to avoid playing around with urls. Hehe.


This dreemer is in!

You surely didn't miss that. Right? Let's do it again... This dreemer is in! 😂 I wonder who will be matchmaked to me 😋

About those ecency points, what if I'm the impatient type? If I get to boost a post within the duration of the first week of this challenge, is there a way to still get a record of my earnings? Hehe. I think @melinda010100 would be in a better position to answer.

I look forward to "Ask Dreem questions about the Challenge" time!

This Ogbeni is pretty excited about this collab with Ecency that he's first in line! Ngwanu, I know you will make me proud. 😂

Haha... I'm excited about it oooo. Lol. Been a while since I participated in a challenge. I hope you will also get involved with this 😂

hehehehe i love to see the original dreemers jumping in! it seriously makes me feel like i've gone back in time with my fun little UU freshmen hahahahahaha

Haha... Those freshmen year (especially the Delta class) was very impressive. The fun was second to none and we can reignite that same vibe as time goes on. Hehe.

hehehe i believe it :)

i already feel it!

and Delta. whenever I think of delta - i laugh so hard when @kemmyb was like WHO IS CHANGING OUR NICKNAMES?? and she thought it was a bot.

and it was just me laughing so hard in the shadows - updating hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

Haha.... Yeah. I remember those days. Lol. Our boot camping period was very fun and we were very active on discord. By the time the admission video was released, those that applied were already establishing good rapport with each other. And the vibe lived on because we got every possible thing anyone would have wished for as a student and staff of UU. Hehe.

yes - that class was one of the strongest with its ties!!!

they spent so much time getting to know each other and hanging out before being chosen - it was just... amazing!!!

I hate when people change nicknames on a Discord Server

i knowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

(do NOT go look at your name in our server.)

tee. hee. hee

hehehehe i think the excitement is at an all time high for us!!! hahahahaha i'm so glad you're in hehehehe

ahhhhhhhh didn't you see my post the other day!!!
Friday bot - has been updated so that it can be configured to Ecency! so do you have Friday bot? or need access to their server?

No need to get rid of Gina - you can live like the wealthy have have 2 bots serving you hahahahaha

let me know if you need that server - and thanks to @deathwing for configuring Friday to Ecency for us all!!!!

and - I will tell you... hehehe - I would HOLD OFF on boosting posts for next week. I will tell everyone that on Monday's first post so everyone will know that its best to wait for a bit :)

yes - see you tomorrow for the ADQ (ask dreemie questions hahahah)

There we go. Haha. Okay, I haven't been using Friday, but there is no better time to start using it than on the first Friday of a new month. Please give me access to their server.

This will be fun.

Thanks for the matchmaking. Haha. It's set ✌️

Yayy, Friday 😁. I could set gina for one thing and Friday for the other.


yes - i think for now - that's what I have to do too! because Gina is good for so many things that aren't available on Friday yet! but Friday is the only one that has Ecency! so heheheheh im' combining them!!! my dual bots!!! hehehe

Friday and Gina the perfect "couple 😁"

hahhaha i will be attending their wedding!!!

Need you ask? 😄

This dreemer is in!

I love this collaboration! I've always used Ecency frontend for as long as I've been on Hive. So I'm excited about this challenge and hope I can keep up. This is going to be fun! 💖

Heads up, I'll be promoting this post on Listnerds. The more, the merrier! 😊

one thing i know....

my EKG is always ready for some fun with us. hehehehehehe

I am really loving all the possibilities with ecency! the time is PERFECT for us to grow!! hehehehe I really think this is gonna be so so so much fun, i was telling Kene - feels a little like UU times hahahaha

and THANK YOU my Listnerds Rockstar!!!! hahahaha yes - please share it there!!! Bring people in for the fun and prizes and community - its the best time to be doing this! hehehe

This Dreemer is in

This really sounds like fun 😊

nancy is here - and she is in!!!!!!!!! WOOOOOOOOOT

Yes I'm here, I'm pretty sure I have missed a lot. Hehehe

I'm definitely in. Thanks for the heads up, Sam 😊🤗


Thank you! :)

Thanks @samsmith1971 . But do we have to submit the post about our starting ecency points today?

Nope - that comes on Monday :)

It's alright, Ma'am. Thanks

I'm a bit lost...

It's ok - take your time! hehehe

Read it through one more time and then ask questions in the discord if you like hehehe

What Dreems said... :-) !PIZZA

I have given the magic words. I have to read this again though.

hehe...yeah and then just take it one day at a time x

Oh thank you Sam, let's check it out!

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@otuyanancy! You Are Alive so I just staked 0.1 $ALIVE to your account on behalf of @samsmith1971. (9/10)

The tip has been paid for by the We Are Alive Tribe through the earnings on @alive.chat, feel free to swing by our daily chat any time you want.

Let's do this. Yaaaay. Thank you so much.

Thank you 🤗🤗🤗

COCA IS IN!!!!!!!! hahahahahaha

😂😂🤣🤣😂 always mama and I am excited to hop in...with my cool and chilled Coca. 😂🤣

Thanks for the tag, sister.

It's finally here!!...
Yippee 😁

hehehehe three weeks of so much fun coming hehehe

It's already close!!
I'm wondering the end result of this collaboration, it's going to be so massive...and much entertaining.
This is just a window for me to switch to ecency and reap all those benefits in it.

every opportunity to earn something special is a surprise that is so welcome! hehehe

someone just upvoted their own post for 500 points - and got a $3.33 upvote. She screamed! hahahahaha

so exciting - right???

YEs it's so exciting!
I experienced that but mine was just 250 points for one dollar that's a lot!... Who knows what would be the next discovery hehe

haha😂 yeah... this is exciting, right? !PIZZA

This Dreemer is in!!

I can't wait to meet my partner, this is going to be a lot of fun! 😁

Thank you for your work, Ecency and DreemPort. We will have a great July!

I would love to see Ecency /Dreemport collaboration promoted to the Spanish speaking community in #Spanish-English room in Discord. Could you mention/explain it there?

Yes, of course! For me it will be a pleasure to help with the promotion. I will prepare a small tutorial. 😁😘

thank you for doing this! i'll be visiting your post in a bit - after answering comments here! hehehehe

Tomorrow will be an exciting day, don't forget to rest. 😉

thank you - i saw that notification!!!! and i already saw some Spanish speakers joining in! I will check out @palomap3 's post after answering comments here! hehehe

hehehehe everyone is so excited to meet their partners!!!! i LOVE that!!!

partners bring such a cool teamwork experience to the challenges - everyone actually becomes closer that way too! hehehehe

i love it too Paloma - thanks for being there today! I love seeing you pop in - i just smile when you do!!! hehehe

This Dreemer is in!

I used Ecency alot and I can say this is going to be fun!☺️. Am curious about my partner though 😂. Let me go prepare!

hahahahahahaha my Essie girl is here with all her bags - running as usual hahahahahaha

get ready lady!!!! i'm already giggling LOLOL

This dreemer is in.

I'm lucky one can submit previous post, cause if it were a matter of posting everyday I'll advise Noone to be my partner 😂

ROFLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL well at least you are honest ahahahahahaha

that's right - I realize that not everyone can post daily! so we had to make it reasonable - thankfully - you can pull out some of those special posts in the past to share!!!

get some new life on them! hehehehe

Yup, really greatful for that. Really hoping I'll be a good enough partner for whoever it is. 🚀


Hehe, you know already

You know what, the title reminded me of the marathon. You know quite well what it means to me.

I am excited for the contest. I think it has would bring me the motivation I am lacking. Excited to know about the partner too. It would bring new connection, new interaction.

Writing about 3 fun facts....🤔🤔🤔.... i am not sure what I will write.

hahahahahah yes LOLOL

the marathon!!!!!! oh my gosh remember those days? so many UU people are like GAHHHHHHHHHH this is reminding us of all the energy back then LOLOLOL

so so funny!

and so fun too!

I know what you mean about bringing the motivation! sometimes we just need these things, don't we???

and yes -you are the same as so many others -dying to know who their partner will be!!! LOL

the marathon!!!!!! oh my gosh remember those days?

Do you think I can forget those days....you know what those days mean to me, in my blogging journey and my life off-line, don't you?

sometimes we just need these things, don't we???

Yes, we do. I feel blessed to be a part of such a motivating teem. Hehe.

dying to know who their partner will be!!

Hehe. I am still waiting. 😁

I hope the door is still open for this dreemer.

Dreemer wants in

Happy new month!
Can't wait for what next week has to offer.

YESSSSSSSSSSSSS hehehehehe the door is ALWAYS open for you (and the snail babies too hehehehe)

happy new month to you!!! I'm so excited that you're joining! hehehe

This dreemer is in!
I guess I'm not too late for this... I've really miss something like this.. I'm just like a lost sheep🤣🤣

errrrrr, I think I'm ready for this, anticipating for a partner 😊

hehehehe you are here in time!!!!

come back lost sheep! hahahahaha get ready for what comes next LOLOL

yeah.... I'm back for good 😊😊

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oh my gosh!!!!!!!!!!!
seriously!?!?!?! LOL

post with most comments of the day AND the week?!?!?!


thank you!!!!!!!!!

You're welcome @dreemsteem, it's well deserved! Thanks for your constant involvement on Hive 😊👍

"This dreemer is in!".

This dreemer is in!

Do you get it ....

This dreemer is in!

of COURSE tengoooooooooooooooooooooooooooo is in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahahahahahahahaha

i got it! i got it twice!!! LOL

hehe and just been rereading your post ready for tomorrow!

This dreemer is in🤗❤️💕

wooooooot - glad to see that you are in Miss Stylish! heheheh I can't wait to see who gets partnered with whom! LOLOL this is gonna be a fun first week!!!!


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OH WOWWWWWWWWWWW!!!! that is so exciting!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I don't think I've ever gotten this trophy before! hehehehe thank you my best buzzy bee in the whole wide sea! hehehehehe

hugs to you :)

You're welcome @dreemsteem, we're glad to see how much you enjoy this badge!

Hugs to you too 😊

hehehehe its really a special one for me!

This dreemer is in 💕💕💃💃💃💃💃💃

Now, if I get you right in summary;

  • Make a post on Monday with the screenshot of your Ecency point, tell about yourself and submit on Dreemport site.
  • Each dreemer would have a team being paired with
  • Write and submit normal post from Tuesday to Thursday
  • Friday for another post with a new ecency point

Am I right? I need to get this right so I won't make a mess 🤣🤣🤣🤣

hi princess!!! ok - yes! Monday's details are right! You will do that BEFORE knowing who your partner is. and then you'll of course be submitting that post to dreemport by 5pm PST

(as usual)

then on Monday - my post will come and tell you all who your partner is. it will be a 2 person team hehehe

yep - Tuesday - Thursday - just normal posts! (best if you try to post with Ecency! hehehe) and of course- submit your post to DreemPort those days. If you don't have time to write a fresh post - don't forget - you can always submit old posts to DreemPort!!! but TRY to write a fresh one if you can

Friday - yep! you got it all right!!! you're ready!!!

Alright. I am fully ready and prepared 😎😎😎

This dreemer is in

Time to have some fun again.

hehehe there you are! i got you twice now hahahahaha that must mean you are twice as excited LOL

This dreemer is in!

yayyyyyyyyy why why why why why wouldnt you be? hahahahahaha

"This dreemer is in!"

This challenge is going to be awesome since it involves pairing of another user. We have done this before now and have seen how it works out.

got you! hehehehe yes - so fun!!!!

the post announcing the partners is coming very soon!

What a nice way to start a new month
You know I'm down!!!!!!!

This dreemer is in

Let's get this spiced up!!!!

woooooooooooot! hehehe sorry - i try to take the weekends off - and i'm just seeing your message now- but yes you are in!!! :) there will be a post tonight naming everyone coming for the challenge! but follow the instructions in this post about how to write your post for Monday (before you know your partner) and you will be introducing yourself to the community and following all the other instructions! hehehe

This dreemer is in!!!

This is going to be lots of fun, I love anything that deals with working with someone. I hope I get an amazing partner this time too.

Next week is going to be a great week.

Have a fabulous weekend @dreemsteem.

next week - and the week after - and the week after!!!!!!!!

hehehehe and everyone who is here is amazing, LOL so you are bound to get the AMAZINGEST partner!!! hahahaha

glad you are IN!!!

That is dope.

Yes we all are amazing and I do pray for an amazing partner.

I pray I should always be part of all of the challenges 🤭.

Great initiative, this is going to be fun. I love to be here to cheer and support. Thank you @dreemsteem for always having fun ways of rocking the blocking. Go guys, let's see the best team.

hehehehe wonderful! ok - so you're going to be our cheerleader and not enter.... if I see that correct!

our official cheerleader!!!!!!!!! hahahaha

“This dreemer is in” hare el intento, mi mejor intento para cumplir con los requisitos. Gracias por la invitación. Ya empece mal colocandolo donde no era, ja, ja. Múchisimo éxito

jeje has hecho un gran trabajo! ¡Invitaré a @palomap3 aquí para asegurarme de que mi español sea el correcto para ti! Estoy usando un traductor, jajaja, así que probablemente sea muy malo LOL. Querrás agregar tu captura de pantalla a tu publicación el lunes. Escribirás una publicación el lunes y luego te presentarás a todos en esta comunidad. ¡Nos encantará escuchar algo sobre ti! Luego, agrega tu captura de pantalla - en ese momento - para Ecency :) Luego, @palomap3 - ¿puedes explicarle a @sacra97 cómo usar DreemPort? para que sepa cómo ingresar su publicación diariamente en DreemPort? ¡Muchas gracias! ¡Y estoy muy feliz de que seas un participante en esta diversión, con nosotros!

The translation is very good, it is perfectly understandable, dear @dreemsteem.
In my tutorial post I explain how to use DreemPort, step by step.
For any doubt that @sacra97 has I have contact with her in Discord. I will remember there the daily tasks for the challenge, hehe.

La traducción es muy buena, se entiende perfectamente, querida @dreemsteem.
En mi post tutorial explico cómo usar DreemPort, paso a paso.
Para cualquier duda que tenga @sacra97 tengo contacto con ella en Discord. Allí recordaré las tareas diarias para el reto, jeje.

Ahora sí, @sacra97. 😃🤗

This drEEmer is in!!

Definitely!... I ain't missing this at all!... And of course I want to explore more of ecency ,, I know there's a lot my eyes haven't seen here!... So hopefully am exploring this!

hahahahaha Cesca lovie hehehehe she is here and ready to go!!!!

always in for some fun with dreemers! hahahahaha

get ready - we are less than 12 hours away from Monday beginning (well for me- yours starts even sooner hahahaha)

Oh yes it's already Monday 😌!
Let's see how this day one starts hehe

Wow wow wow looks this contest is going to rock as Ecency and Dreemers will be making the dreems true of whom haha their own dreems but in partnership with partner hehe. Posting each day looks like the class competition where students are struggling in collaboration with each other hehe.

Knock knock 😁This Dreemer wants to enter the challenge so THIS DREEMER IS IN💃 🥺
I am ready to introduce myself along with a screenshot hehe this is going to be amazing. Ok, I am silent till Monday. 🥴 as I have to speak a lot in my posts the whole week hahaha.

well look who it is, coming to make my eyes shine brighter

its my Writer Ayesha hehehehehe and i'm so glad you're in! hehehehe

and you can start writing now - and have it ready for Monday! hahahahaha

can't wait for this!!!!!!!

Hehe how I can resist myself as Dreemers are free souls hehe. Nice idea I can give this time-saving opportunity a chance. 😂hehe

yes - time saving and efficient! hehehehehehe

go get it, my little free soul!!! :)

It's going to be an AMAZING Challenge~!
I cannot wait to see what you write!

and I can't wait to see what you write either Blue hehe !LUV

OOPS, the caps lock got stuck. Didn't mean to be yelling.

I've git this post bookmarked on Ecency so I can come back to it for the rules.

Ecency does bookmarks?
Yes it does. And you can see your bookmarks all across the mobile, desktop and web apps too. Save it once, read it everywhere.
You Dreemers are gonna love Ecency.

so many are already in awe of what is available on Ecency! hehehe see? just like i said today - there are so many wonderful things out there - and we just don't know it til we try it!

so glad we get to descend into it all together!

this is gonna be so much fun!!!

I gotta admit. I'm liking the Dreemport. It's absolutely brilliant!
But what about when you get a mass influx of new users? How well will it scale with all the manual things that has to be done?

most of the manual things scale well!!!

because as we grow- things get redistributed!

some of the manual things will rely more on our public taking on some of the burden -without even realizing it hehehehe

but so far - its looking like we've kinda set it up well to scale nicely! If anything - it improves as it gets bigger - as the "random" become even MORE random - and the content gets a more TRUE evaluation!

and i'm SO happy to hear you say you like it! We really did want to do something different!!! something new, something needed, something genuine.

and go AWAY from the mindset of "collecting" people to be "ours" and more about inviting and sharing with the world. I think when people have a mindset that is m ore focused on growing together - instead of "me first" - it just works out beautifully.

perfect example???? ECENCY POINTS!! and I think @melinda010100 would agree hehehe.. the other day someone was asking me (actually several did) if it was ok to boost your own post.

I said yes ! it isn't frowned upon... but it is always BETTER in my opinion - to use your points on someone else.

Because I have found that leading with generosity is such a beautiful way to have it come around to you in a genuine way later. when we are more concerned with feeding someone else - lo and behold - we get fed too! I think in the beginning - i was tryng out points - and i boosted my own - and thought wow this is cool. and then - i just started blessing others hahaha

and now? i get boosts ALL the time- just naturally, organically - people sharing the love

that all might sound cheesy hehehe but its true - and so we go against the grain that is all over the world right now - that air of selfishness and greed - yuck! and so going against the grain right now seems like a PRETTY good thing since a lot of people are ready for that!!!

Holy shit are you a mind reader? I've been fighting that feeling for awhile now. It seems so crazy to me that everybody is me me me me me me me me me me me me me. Everywhere!!!!!! Nobody wants to stop and look at the big picture in life. Its everybody that makes the world go around and its the love for your fellow human that solidifies it into reality.
If one person can stop and actually take a minute out of their day to just say "Hi, how ya doing? Glad to have you here in this world."
That could cause them to want to pass it on to the next 2-3 people. Then those could want to do it to 2-3 more.

You get the drift.

Lol. Feel free to work that into the challenge too.

Now I gotta go write something new to share on Dreemport.

hehehe I hope you've been enjoying your weekend!!! yes - its a very me-centric world. hehehe

I have shared this before - about the two rooms - both feast rooms - both people have these spoons with ridiculously long handles that they're attempting to use to eat.

Hell is where they are all fighting to balance and lift and maneuver the food into their mouths - and of course, they're unsuccessful and starving.

Heaven is where each person is holding this massive spoon filled with food - ACROSS the table and feeding someone else. and of course - their partner across the table is doing the same for them.

simple concepts. but a lot of people are thinking - sure we can do that. but you feed me first. LOL

sigh. oh well. eventually it just needs to be the people who get it - lead by example and go hungry for a while until the concept catches on, huh?

I saw that you wrote a post based on our convo! and need to read it. I try to stay offline for the whole weekend but with this challenge looming - i need to kinda get ready for tomorrow! hehehe so now that i'm here - i'll be checking your post, answering comments - and then in about 2 hours - heading down the mountain to celebrate our Independence day! (the little girl inside of me is a die-hard sucker for fireworks hehehehe)

Happy 4th!

Do you best to keep your fingers attached to your hands! Be safe and enjoy it! We will talk a lot more in the coming weeks I'm sure.

"This dreemer is in"

Wow, I love the partnership challenge ..it's going to be fun, that I know 🤩🤩

Hmm, I started using ecency just 4 days ago and I was like , where have I been sinceeeeeeeee....hahahaha
The interface is very nice, I wish to navigate through it at ease just like peakd.

Dreemers are full of surprises and I love it🥰🥰🤗🤗

Replying through ecency oo🤩🤩, warming up !!

hehehehe right??????? I made it onto the top 20 leaderboard yesterday and i was like woooooooot!!!

now I want to keep climbing up the ladder hahahahaha

this is so so gonna be the best time! hehehe and yep - i'm replying through ecency too!!! gotta keep making those points! hehehe

20 Leaderboard?????? That's fantastic!! I boosted my post with 500 ecency points and got $3.3 vote... I screamed!!!!! What a hidden treasure 🤣🤣🤣

I want to keep gathering the points by all means, lololz

isn't it AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It is🤩

Im up to give it a go!

@whywhy are you in?

This dreemer is in!

i love that you're already inviting people! and @whywhy is the best name ever!!!!!!!!!! hahahahahaha

yes - come on Whywhy!!!! we need your inquisitive energy with a name like that ahahahahaha

glad to see you today in the Q&A Steve - and hope you've seen that you got some dreem tokens for your attendance! hehehe

Of course I am in @dreemsteem I saw your post this morning but as it was my first day back from my trip I left it for tomorrow. @mypathtofire thanks for letting me know, thanks for always giving me a heads up on the good stuff!


hey - thanks for calling us "the good stuff"

we love being identified that way hahahahahahaha

Thank you for the surprise bonus! 😎👍

you are so very welcome hehehe i love surprises.

well. i love giving them.
i do not like receiving them LOLOLOL

This dreemer is in!

I think I can manage this challenge! It sounds like a lot of fun 😁 So, I have to make a post on monday to the Ecency community presenting myself with that screenshot, right? Then of course submit as many post possible on Dreemport and make that final report on friday 😉

Sounds great! ❤️ Talk soon 🤗

yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy you're here!!!!!!!!!!!! i'm so happy Daisy!!!!!!!!! hehehehehe

yes! you only need one post per day for DreemPort hehehe Monday - with the introduction and screenshot.

then Tuesday - Thursday - you can do a fresh post - OR remember - with DreemPort you CAN submit an older post that you loved!!! give it some fresh eyes and fresh engagement! hehehe (but try your best to write fresh and new - IF and only IF you have the time! hehehe)

and then on Friday - you'll show your ending points on a post - and just tell us how you enjoyed week 1 hehehe

maybe you can share about your partner too - and tell how the experience was with them! hehehehe

so happy that you're here!!!!

Ufff, it was extra hard to make this post for Monday but it's out there! 😁😁😁

I think I covered everything that was required 😊 Very happy to be here to join more fun! I've been missing a lot here hehe

Much !LUV

This Dreemer is in ...

All in❣️

One day at a time indeed 😂 ... I love these teem and partnering challenges... the last one was so much fun!!!

July is going to be fabulous... for all the very best reasons! 😎🐳🍰🎁🌞

Bring it on, @ecency and @dreemport 💗


i am listening to your song now hehehehe

and i agree - the teem and partner challenges - they always step up the energy!!! hehehehe

I am so loving July!
my bday is in it - but this is all even better than my bday hehehehe

hehe I know your birthday is in it 💗 Hope you enjoyed the song... it's got great energy too and I love how it relates to my life. Have a fab weekend! !ALIVE !hivebits

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and related perfectly to the contest hahahahaha lvoed it

oh look @bluefinstudios .... i mean... Yellowtailstudios....

i told Sam i lvoed it hehehehe

copyright bluefinstudios Yellowtailstudios

🤣💗 yes I thought it related well to the contest too!!! And @bluefinstudios is seemingly in a cheeky mood today haha

@dreemsteem! You Are Alive so I just staked 0.1 $ALIVE to your account on behalf of @samsmith1971. (6/10)

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@dreemsteem! You Are Alive so I just staked 0.1 $ALIVE to your account on behalf of @samsmith1971. (1/10)

The tip has been paid for by the We Are Alive Tribe through the earnings on @alive.chat, feel free to swing by our daily chat any time you want.

These TEEM Challenges seem to bring out the best in ALL DREEMERS

i think so!!!!!

I had to reblog this so I won't forget it, I lost track of things online lately.

I am certain this is going to be fun, a new challenge should lift my spirit for the new month.
Happy new month to all dreemers.

This dreamer is in...

happy new month darling!!! :)

will be SO happy to see you!

Feel free to spread the word on Read.cash today or tomorrow in a post - and send them here!!! :)

Okay sure I will do that, I am having an issue with tags on Ecency. That has been the reason why I don't use it, my enter button disappears whenever I am using it. I don't know if I'm doing something wrong on my end.

you should definitely go into their Ecency server and speak to @melinda010100 !!! She will help you right away!! :)

This dreemer is in!

It can't be any other way, Dreemie.
Let's do it and let the fun begin hehe

Happy Friday :)

that's right my Coqui!!!! please bring margaritas!!!!

MARGARITA MONDAY!!!!!! lolololol

so happy that you're back in for the fun hehehehe

and remember - if you don't have anything fresh to write - you can ALWAYS submit an older post into DreemPort that day! that way you can still support your partner without feeling the pressure of writing EVERYday hehehe

I'll be sure to bring some Margaritas, of course, Dreemie hehe🍸😄
Have an awesome weekend 😊

"This dreemer is in!"

I'm not sure though if I can make all the challenges in a row.. But I'll try 😁 I have this cheat sheet anyway 🤣. So, good luck to my soon to be partner 😅😂

oh do try Jane!!! we love your posts!!!! hehehe but we understand if you can't do everyday! we just want you to come when you can and have the best time! :)

you can even enter old posts!!! remember! :) DreemPort accepts older posts - for the days that you cant write!!!


Oh sure.. Thank you 🥰..

There's a lot of instructions to take in and it surely almost gave me an headache but,

"This dreemer is in!".

Sheesh, I just almost got another headache for shouting...

Sorey, I'm slow at accumulating bulky things...at the end of the day... we'll be posting anything we want from Tuesday to Thursday so long as it's on the Ecency frontend and it's Url is shared on the Dreemport server?..then Monday and Friday is like a start to finish show of how much we enjoyed Ecency and the amount of points we've made ...nd we'll earn more ,that's double if our partner does same with us...

I hope I'm getting it right...I just work up so my head is still fuzzy ,lol 😂😂😂..

Alright, I hope I don't mess this one up, hehe and I hope I get a pretty partner 😊❤️