That's weird. Have you tried server from Settings page? We will check what might be caused by this, usually some servers are not stable and causing this issue. Later today or tomorrow we are pushing update 3.0.13, we hope that will fix some of the issues you experienced. Thank you!

@ecency thank 🙇
And maybe something to keep in mind
Make access to gallery earlier.
For example via @ecency I don't have access to my favorite photos.
With @dapplr and @peakd I can view those.





Thanks, great find and suggestion. We will check this, added issue on github for tracking.

@ecency thank you.
Also I fixed vote value bug after reinstall of the app.

Good call, it might be caching issue. We will take a look.

Great job as always!
I know the team is working hard on this app.

Can you check if these issues are fixed in 3.0.14? Thank you!


Not available yet on the App Store I tried with the direct link from your last post but still not redirecting me to 3.0.14


Oh right, AppStore still in review... How about 3.0.13 version, does issue still exist?

Now I can see at Lest the names of the folders but there is still now access to favorites.


ok, thanks... it is good now but can be better, we will see if we can get favorites show up also in future updates.

Ok ✅ great work as always looking forward to future updates...

And yes I've been connected to him since I switch from