#NaPodPoMo -- Almost in the Rear View Mirror

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Just a few more days and November comes to an end along with the challenges for the month. I didn’t manage to do the blogging challenge. Since my podcasts are posted to my Hive blog, I did all but one day of the blogging challenge.

I did do the podcasting challenge as it’s 30 podcasts in 30 days, doesn’t have to be one a day. I did a few days with 2 published. Right now, as write this, the podcasts are done, posted and scheduled on my website, Nichless & Loving It.

The RSS Feed Saga

This morning Episode 26 published on the site. At some point today or even tomorrow morning, the RSS feed will get pulled into Aureal and then publish to my account. Once I spot it, I add the show notes and tags before adding it to my blog.

It’s been a learning process. I had a bunch of issues with getting the feed to work. Those are mostly worked out. I did notice recently that the plugin I’m using doesn’t seem to like when I schedule podcasts and I couldn’t depend on the RSS feed going out. Some back and forth with their tech support we zeroed in on the settings for the cache on my site.

I don’t actually run a cache plugin but it seems one was added to my theme. I had to do some research on the settings. I’ve moved it down a level. If that doesn’t help, then I’ll turn it off.

The Podcast

I’ve had some very nice feedback for the podcast. I was a bit unsure about doing a podcast that is just reading a story but the feedback has been positive. It’s encouraged me to look beyond the end of November.

This morning I spent some time going through some books of short stories and finding some Christmas themed stories. I don’t plan on doing a daily podcast. Not sure how any I’ll do yet but December will be Christmas themed stories.

For sure Lucy Maude Montgomery, the author of Anne of Green Gables will be among the stories. She wrote over 500 short stories in her lifetime.

I invite you to stick around. I also should be able to get back to more writing now I have some work flow under my belt for how to do the podcasts.

Now is a good time to thank @epodcaster for all her help and encouragement as well as creating #NaPodPoMo, @dreemsteem for bringing it into the DreemPort family and @alessandrawhite for creating the special Creative Work Hour room where we could learn, share, grow our way through November.

We even got to see our first podcast intervention. You had to be there to get that. :)


Congratulations on completing this challenge, seems like it was fulfilling enough for you 😎👍. Last year I did a 30-day blogging challenge like this and it was exhilarating when I was done 😃, so I quite know the feeling, although mine was a post everyday and not twice in a day or other different arrangements to get to 30.


I have been posting content every day for the last 242 days ... so I do have an idea what it's like. The podcasting was a new avenue with content.

Oh my fucking God! 242 days! Damn. I have to up my standards really 😂

HAHAHA ... there are people who have posted longer consecutive days than me.


Congrats of 30 for 30!
that's great.

Thank you Blue

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I'm looking forward to more of your podcasts.

Thank you. I have the plan together for December. Should be a total of 11 including a trailer episode.

Your podcast is a very cool project!

Thank you Kus-Knee... has been a while. Good to see you.

We even got to see our first podcast intervention. You had to be there to get that. :)

LOL. Yep. Sometimes you just have to make folks take action. Even if it is kicking and screaming along the way. It's the only way to help them get out of their own way.

I am glad to hear you will continue podcasting beyond #NaPodPoMo. You have a natural talent for it. The podcasting world is definitely better with your voice added to the audio conversation.

thank you Jennifer... you have me matching the non-gray parts of my hair. I really appreciate all your help and support.

Thank you Shadows 💜 That is truly wonderful to hear. It means a lot to me. 🤗