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RE: Chlorine Dioxide

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thanks for sharing this reminder, brother-wizard, @cahlen !

i have not made my own chlorine dioxide yet… i did have a brother share some mms with me, when i was living on Morocco, in the past.

i, also, found a gallon of dmso ** dimethyl sulfoxide**, which was left behind on the AMFPEE (permaculture demonstration site i steward) by another brother, which my research showed, if my memory is correct, is somehow related to mms as a precursor or something, and did play with it topically a little bit.

i am curious if could you explain the difference between the three (or two), if you are learned to such data?


MMS is another name for Chlorine Dioxide.

DMSO delivers sulfur to the body and opens direct portals to the bloodstream when applied to the skin. It's used in combination with MMS sometimes for topical delivery.

much love 💗 respect ✊ and gratitude 🙏, as always, for your insights into interesting subject matter! 💥