Auctions, Rivers...non stop beauty

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This last week we headed out to try something new. We went to an auction! We thought now would be a good time to try our hand at finding amazing deals.

For years I have worked helping people to sell things. That goes hand in hand with helping people to buy things. So Stacie D finally gave me the green light to buy amazing deals and resell them.

The problem though is that I start looking around and I find things I would want to keep for myself. I am a sucker for old rusty tools, especially tools that would be uses im forestry.

While we were at this auction it was going so fast. People were bidding and buying things before we even knew what was happened. That is what this first picture is of. Stacie D and I were taking a selfie when they started to auction off the only thing I would want...a two man cross cut saw.

Needless to say that I didn't get the saw. By the time I looked at her for permission to bid, they yelled sold. For only 36 dollars...

That's ok though we had a great time. The auction turned out to be only a few miles from a beautiful river.

We found beauty. All around us were beautiful rocks, animals, insects, and water. We saw hundreds of butterflies!

It was a pretty great day! The kids had an amazing time, and we got to go some place we had never been. That is always a bonus.

Like any great adventure I had my best pal George with me. Man I love that dog.

Thank you for stopping by and joining us on our adventure. I hope your days are filled with beauty and your adventures are amazing!

Be well
~The Yeti

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