Bitkenstan_81 - Coyote.

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A story about bitcoin, crypto, blockchain, and life.

Bitkenstan has a running story line.
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movie clapperboard: (Roll 1, Scene 1, Take 2, Bitcoin 101 School)
Captain Crypto: So the bitcoin paper came out Halloween, 2008...And the blockchain stared early January, 2009. Hence, the two start years.
Mr. Holler: (raises hand)
Captain Crypto: Yes?
Mr. Holler: I gotta go to the bathroom.
Captain Crypto: You just went like 5 minutes ago.
Mr. Holler: Yeah, but I had a double espresso. Tre venti.
Captain Crypto: Take the hall pass.
Mr. Holler: (leaves class)
Captain Crypto: Back to blockchain. Which is the real glory of bitcoin. Picture a desert scene...Mountains. Cacti. Sun. Nice, huh?
Mr. Dumas: (raises hand)
Captain Crypto: Yes?
Mr. Dumas: How come the sun is gray?
Captain Crypto: (sun changes from gray to white) Better?
Dr. Haufenmist: It'd be better with a coyote. A desert needs a coyote.
Captain Crypto: (coyote appears) There.
Gen. Kellimahl: He looks like he wants to eat you.
Dr. Haufenmist: Definitely staring you down.
Mr. Dumas: He's gonna get you!
Dr. Haufenmist, Gen. Kellimahl, and Mr. Dumas: Get him! Get him! Get him! Get him!
Captain Crypto: (loses it, freaks out, throws the podium and break it in half)

Creator: I guess the coyote got him after all.

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