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If you have not searched about Fan Tokens, then you are missing out something really big!

After a striking statement, I want to talk about a real gem that is underrated in the crypto ecosystem: Fan Tokens

The vast majority of crypto-people deal with the price action of Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP, etc. However, these Fan Tokens are paving a "real" way for mass adoption.

binance chz fan tokens.PNG

If you saw this tweet by Binance, you might start questioning what the fan tokens are. Unintentionally, you may assume that they are like NFTs but they have lots of real use cases.

First of all, let's start from the biggest perspective. Fanmarketcap is the marketplace that you can view all fan tokens in terms of volume, market capitulation, and Circulating/Total Supply.

fanmarketcap fan token market place.PNG

As you see, PSG is the new Bitcoin whereas Juventus is Ethereum 😛

In Fanmarketcap, you can see 19 tokens listed on the Chiliz platform ($CHZ)

By the way, if we are talking about Fan Tokens, we have to mention Chiliz in a separate section to understand the rationale behind these fan tokens.

Chiliz token market details.PNG

$CHZ is ranked at 128 in coinmarketcap. The token is used as a fuel for where you can support your team and decide on some specific stuff before the match is being played. Besides, you can get up to %20 cash back by using the tokens while buying by using these fan tokens.

Socios partners.PNG
Socios is not limited to Football clubs. You can also buy the tokens of Gaming teams, Fighting organizations to support, make gains, and buy their products with cashback.

Chiliz is like a mini crypto ecosystem. There is a marketplace, FTO (Fan Token Offerings like ICO), cashback in digital currencies, and an operating mobile app. What I love about $CHZ and the fan tokens is that they can be both Store of Value and Medium of Exchange depending on your expectation.

chiliz exchange token market buy and sell.PNG
You can trade/exchange your fan tokens and participate in FTO on Chiliz exchange

Besides all these features, now you can farm Fan Tokens (currently $PSG and $JUV) by using your CHZ, BNB, and BUSD on Binance. In my opinion, it is a great step taken in the crypto ecosystem.

I think the prices of Fan Tokens are undervalued and the concept that supporting your team while getting cashback will be quite attractive for people. Seeing the potential that these fan tokens have, I suggest you check $CHZ and Fan tokens very often.

chiliz tokens fan tokens market.png

My Experience in Fan Tokens

I've been using Socios App for a couple of months. Currently, I own OG Gaming token, CHZ, and Socios token (for App related stuff). You can hunt CHZ and Socios token as in Pokemon, take part in questionnaires as I do for fun. My primary aim is to have fun and support this project as much as I can. I may add some more Fan tokens or take part in FTO to make gains, as well.

Do you think Fan tokens have potentials?
Do you have an investment in them or do you consider investing?

Please share your standpoint 😌


I have heard of the Fan tokens and put up a post about it a while back. I have not given it a follow, now that you've shared this, it's time I pay attention.

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Mate I did not expect the Fan Market to grow as much in such a short terms. However, now It is clearly seen that we all undervalued these gems. Just think that The most fameous football players are showing up on ads of these tokens. Even dreaming about it is priceless 😌

So much stuff going on I'm barely keeping up, I will have to sacrifice few hours of sleep to slightly keep up with all that is going on, things are hitting up.

Can't agree more 😅

Institutions, Fan Tokens, Blockchain-gaming etc.

I guess we get too old to catch up with all these things 😛😛

😂 too old indeed!

But is there limited supply then on each team or how does these tokens increase in value? Have to read more about this, but if my AIK get a token I will probably get it without even thinking about it 🤣

You can view related details on fanmarketcap. For example, you can check the situation for $PSG:

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