Splinterlands 2020 - Taking stock

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Hello Splinterlanders from all over the world, happy new year and I wish you all the best of battles this 2021. My year was off to a good start, grateful for that, I haven't been in many battles or any at all since the festive period, I had a lot of people around me so I spent less time on my phone, I didn't even retrieve my last seasons rewards.

Anyway, I popped in today for the first time this year and I went straight ahead to retrieve my seasons rewards and a Gold foil Baby Unicorn monster popped out. Is it a good start or what??!! Whoopwhoop! If you follow my Splinterlands posts you'll know Im a huge fan of shiny stuff, so it def felt nice to pop one out.

So before I go into my plans for Splinterlands for the year, lets take some stock of the past year.

  • Highest level reached: Gold II
  • Level year ended: Silver II


  • Deck Worth: $360(minus gf legendary Dark Haon in market)
  • Max tier level reachable - Gold II

What else? That's pretty much all I guess, so what are my plans for 2021?

Kick more ass than ever,
raise my collection power,
power up my summoners,
buy more cards,
increase my Deck worth,
....battle till I drop lol,

oh and then if I get my cards strong enough I should start entering for tournaments as well. I wish yall warriors all the best this year, kick ass, and dont forget I'm still much in the business of kicking ass so watch out!!! Have a great year ya'll!

Thanks for reading...

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If you're game, I'm always up for a challenge. Hit me up and get your ass whooped.

Battle till you drop!!!! See ya.


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Nice one bro bro. My deck just gets me into diamond 2 but that's also due to the fact that a lot of my cards were delegated to me by my friends around here. I've battling my dick off lately and not taken a break from it. I'm trying to build up my Splinterlands deck to reach like $1000 and accumulate $1000 from battling and then sell it to invest in my future plans. Any way na way for me rn.

Thanks for sharing! - @marianaemilia

Happy New Year to you too. I also love gold foil cards. Congratulations.

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