Ethereum Enters The Circle of Doubt - A Security or Not

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In an unexpected announcement during a new meeting with Sara, the primary mentor to the chair of the US Securities and Exchange Commission, that the US Securities and Exchange Commission had not taken an adequate position at this point regarding the administrative status of Bitcoin and Ethereum, as he voiced attendant. :

I need to clarify that this is my understanding of current conditions and I prefer not to be overly specialized, however, the actual SEC, in my order, has not taken a benchmark position.

There is no activity to say Bitcoin or Ethereum is not security.

While the SEC Chairman has repeatedly stated that Bitcoin is a digital currency, not a security

It appears Ethereum cannot be announced currently, which means there is still less management certainty set with it.

The former CFO of the Securities and Exchange Commission made a passing statement regarding Ethereum's deals and contributions that they weren't security exchanges just months before his term expired in 2018.

It doesn't really reflect the SEC's views on Ethereum, and he has expressed:

There was a letter from a high-ranking person who revealed to him that this was what he looked like, but there was no business letter, delegation activity, or any of the authority behaviors through which the SEC is taking a position on the matter.

That both Ethereum and Ripple are not protection, there is a strong case for both - though Ripple in particular - that they are not protection.

I feel the SEC is focusing on every individual or material that has an interest in protection.

As this is located within the area of ​​the Securities and Exchange Commission.

If not, it could well be assumed to be a commodity, similar to Bitcoin being contemplated.

Unlike Bitcoin, Ethereum has previously mined many advanced monetary forms and offered them as ICO.

What was pointed out above returns some records regarding the issue of Ripple, as Ripple Guard uses the argument that the SEC considers Ethereum digital money, so you should look similarly to Ripple, to show that the SEC did not distinguish it from the situation towards Ethereum as well!


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It is hard to follow the SEC.