Questions about Tether Continue ..... !?

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Most recently, on March 31, Tether, the organization behind Computerized Stable Cash (USDT), gave an endorsement regarding its stores showing the resource gauge that addresses each coin stamped and introduced.

Tether's assertion is the first of its kind in a long time.

With that, Tether tries to be more straightforward.

As can be seen from the archive that made up Tether's extraordinary report, as of February 28th, Tether had around $ 35 billion to use later.

One billion dollars of these liabilities "corresponds to the given cryptocurrencies USDT, which means they support the USDT available for use."

Tether's announcement and report is a sign to be more visible in the wake of undergoing exceptional scrutiny by the chief legal officer of New York.

The New York State Attorney's Office recently closed its long-running vetting in relation to Tether's activities and imposed a $ 18 million fine on the organization as a component of the settlement arrangement.


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Questions about Tether continue:

However, shouldn't something be said before February 28th?

Before that date, as the New York State Attorney's Office noted, the amount of cash Tether controlled was hazy.

Since the announcement peek at one point in the deadline, it's unreasonable to expect to know if that's what's going on at this point.

A full review can give a more comprehensive picture of Tether's resources and analyze the movement over a longer time frame.

The absolute possession of the granted computing resource exceeded the amount required to recover the advanced value.

It is not clear what kind of resource they are dealing with.

It is also unclear whether the resources are stored in an authorized bank, regardless of whether they are US Treasuries, and whether they are liquid according to the liquidity model.

Along these lines, saying that you have the resources for one thing is thin and hazy.

What we know, they could have $ 25 in their ledger and the rest could be in Bitcoin.

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What can be said about future reports?

As a component of the settlement with the New York City Attorney's Office, Tather is needed to document quarterly reports on her holdings.

In these reports, Tether must distribute the categories of resources that support USDT (such as funds, credits, protections, etc.) with the rates indicated for each of these categories.

Nevertheless, these quarterly reports presented may reveal more insight into how exactly Tether reserves are contributed.

Significantly, since February, Tether has provided more than $ 6 billion in the new advanced monetary standard, the USDT.

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