🔥 How bigger can Bitcoin be? 1,000,000$ possible?

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It is not easy to put the fair value of an asset, for this reason the prices in the markets change constantly. To get an idea of the value and potential that Bitcoin has, we have to compare it with other assets or other financial instruments.

Bitcoin is always compared to gold, currently with a capitalization of around 10 Trillion dollars. But for a long time, a large number of people think that due to its qualities, its value can exceed this 10 Trillion. Bitcoin is in many ways better than gold, and therefore its value could be higher than gold, but ... what's the limit?

Bitcoin is also known as Gold 2.0, this is going mainstream lately and more and more people are spreading the message. The Winklevoss twins are some of the personalities that share this message with their followers.

Take a look at this picture that shows the value of Bitcoin compared to other assets.


  • Bitcoin - 750B (Actually less, around 700B)
  • Gold - 10.9T
  • Stocks - 89.5T
  • Money Supply - 95.7T (M2)
  • Global Debt - 253T
  • Real State - 281T

Given their properties it doesn't seem unrealistic to say that Bitcoin can be ranged between 11 Trillion and 89 Trillion quite easily. This will put Bitcoin between Gold and Stock, and it would be a good valuation.

This will put Bitcoin price between 500,000$ and 4,500,00$!
This prices are shocking given the current 36,740$ price, but it can happen sooner than most of you can imagine. In fact, I think that we will see this level of prices before the end of the decade in 2030.

Hopefully I am right, this is saved forever in the Blockchain and I can come back and tell everyone I knew that was going to happen.

Enjoy! 😊


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Time will tell. :)

$1M before the end of 2025? Yes, very much possible, as I can see all this

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I agree, it's not hard to get there!
Things are getting really interesting.

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the end of the decade in 2030.

I think that might even be conservative. I think this year will put us solidly above maybe ~130K and the next cycle 2025 over 1 Million.

However one thing that is in the air and nobody is really talking about are transaction fees and scalability of the Big Two: Eth and BTC. There is still a chance of BTC and even ETH becoming proto-type relics.

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Theres still room to improve transaction fees, specially in Ethereum.
However I feel that Bitcoin will be more useful as store of value than anything else, so I don't mind 10-20$ fees.

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But what is when Bitcoin 10x again? Are you OK with 100-200$ transaction fees? I think this might hurt BTC a lot when we finally have mainstream adoption. There will be no point in shops accepting BTC when nobody wants to use it as barter because of trx fees. This might steal a lot of lime light from BTC.

Seeing Bitcoin at 1.000.000$ will definitely be pretty amazing. And sooner or later it will happen. Damn, what crazy and interesting times we are living here in the cryptosphere.

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Yes! I am really excited for what's to come!
This is moving so fast that is difficult to follow everything!

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