🔥 We broke $1,000,000,000,000 Crypto Market Capitalization!

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The Crypto Market is getting big. We are still far from approaching Gold at 12 Trillion market capitalization, but today we broke the 1 Trillion mark for few hours.

For your information, the market cap of Silver is 1.5 Trillion, we are getting closer to this levels.

As always, I like to Zoom out and take a look at the evolution of this metric. Here you have the chart for Total Crypto Market Capitalization from tradingview.com:


I have to admit that if we look at the past bull run and compare with the rally we have seen, there is still a long way to go. But I remember like it was yesterday when we hit the peak of 2017 and saw all the gains vanish in just a few days.

I don't want to be in the same position again, so I'm thinking of a gradual exit plan to minimize the risk while not losing such great of market opportunities.

I still have to figure out what can make me feel "protected" while "invested" at the same time. I want to stop looking at the crypto charts but in these days of high volatility is extremely difficult.

I am following the USA drama in the Capitol, I don't know how it will end but it looks like a shit-show.


I hope someday we can be free of this corrupted humans that don't work for the interest of the individuals. When this happens all the human beings will be peacefully free. Power can make people do the worst, we should establish mechanisms to avoid centralization of power as much as possible.

Bitcoin is the first step.

Enjoy! 😊


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13.891 LEO yesterday for 106K hive delegated.
11.85 LEO today
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Thanks for answering @oldtimer!
Nice chunk at this prices!

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Those are gonna be dollars per day when LEO gets to $1 and my gut feeling tells me we're not far away from that moment.

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I was exhilarating when I saw we have reached that milestone yesterday. :)

Let's go! I am thristy for more!

$1.5 trillion market cap for silver? That's probably summer numbers for crypto.

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Road to Silver!