Options for HBD? not so many and failing...

Let's face it.
To get rewarded by your content with some liquid HBD is a problem.
There are only 2 exchanges supporting HBD trades, one is BITTREX and the other one is IONOMY. Both of them, and more in particular, the second lacks totally in Volume terms, so these "private" options don't look so much interesting.
Apart from those, we have always Blocktrades as well, if we want to trade our HBD for HIVE obviously, because if you try to trade your tiny amount of earned HBD for BTC,the exchange does not look to work unless you have at least 3 HBD to exchange for.

But, there are a couple of more options.

Yes, I used to combine the two "magic" operations that our beloved blockchain has in order to convert my HBD in HIVE:

  • The Internal Conversion algorithm
  • The Internal HIVE Market

With the first option, the blockchain automatically process the exchange over a period of 3.5 days, at the end of which, each HBD will be converted on liquid HIVE with a value of 1 USD worth in HIVE tokens. This option is very convenient when HBD price is below 1 USD , which is currently the case more or less...

However, in many occasions, the Internal HIVE market offers better deals and so, converting by using this option can be many times much more advisable .

The problem I am experiencing lately, let's say since a couple of days ago, is that the INTERNAL HIVE MARKET does not look to work as it used to.
Every time I want to use this option I get stuck with the keychain window broadcasting/running forever:


I don't know if this issue is related with any of the implementations being carried out for the coming Hardfork.
I don't know if it is a problem from Keychain or the nodes. Actually, I tried to change the nodes which keychain works on but the results are always the same...the transaction is stuck in the "broadcasting" operation. If I remember well this issue never happened before on HIVE neither on STEEM, and I started here more than 43 Moons ago...

We have so many problems to make newcomers understand all the complexities of our HIVE blockchain. To be rewarded on HBD today is not attractive to any of the newcomers, besides, the lack of exchanges accepting HBD and the problems with the internal market just make me feel more and more frustrated.

The current situation does not look good at all...

Sorry for the complain.



You can also exchange on the Upbit exchange!

You are right...despite there is not so much activity there neither. My point is more related with the malfunction of the HIVE internal market however

How about Hive Swap

It is another option, yes... but there are some fees when using it I think

I've experienced that problem too.
One of the times I left the keychain validator running for a while and later on I checked and the order was placed and matched.
Very unprofessional.

How long you wait for?

around 5 minutes, then I closed Keychain and a few hours later I realized the operation was executed.

ok, good to know

I wonder why we are not getting rewards in HIVE raher than HBD