Seeing the Best even in the Terrible

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Violence isn't always preventable. The more we observe the current context of the world, the more obvious it is that we're in the midst of an unprecedented time of collective reckoning. Public distrust and anger against authority are rising more and more, as the abuses of the wealthy, the incompetence of leaders and the damage caused by all sorts of criminal organizations (many of them washed up as legitimate institutions) are exposed with every passing day. The very planet appears to mirror humanity's simmering feelings with a growing streak of natural disasters and unmerciful weather. Social conflict, political upheaval and economic turmoil are widespread, the rules of the game are changing fast and the landscape is likely to shift even more rapidly in coming months.

The BBC's blunder regarding Gary Lineker's comments on refugees, the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank, the ongoing tragedy of Turkey and Syria after the earthquakes, the protests in Greece after the direct collision of two trains, the gruesome poisonings of girls in Iranian schools, intense climate conditions in the U.S. and Argentina (the latter also seeing an opaque military intervention in one of its cities,) the eruption of a volcano in Indonesia and, of course, the continued war in Ukraine, as well as many other incidents elsewhere, mark a critical time for our species. The systems that have been in place for decades or even centuries are coming down in tatters despite the tremendous resistance of those most benefitted from their existence, or rather, precisely because of it.

Underneath all of this, there's a cauldron of old traumas, unpaid debts and unresolved terrors bursting out into the open. Sadly, there's no way to assuage the tide, its energy has to be exhausted before it can be redirected to a more constructive purpose. We don't like to accept that, but it's just how it is: when suffering isn't addressed properly for long enough; when those in power consistently try to mask their incapacity with excuses, suppress the truth and fail to implement necessary reforms; when the disenfranchised and marginalized are continually kept from speaking up, there's no possibility for catharsis, only destructive force. As much as we'd hope for something better, in times like these violence is inevitable and even justified to some extent.


That doesn't mean that it's all bad, of course. Technology and science will continue to evolve, taking massive leaps of development that will promote greater adoption of digital assets as formal means of exchange; spirituality and mysticism are also growing in reach and become much more serious alternatives for peace and union; social permeability and the erasure of borders will allow for more cultural interaction and therefore a far more empathetic civilization.

The purging fire razes the forest and the ashes feed the seeds dormant in the soil from whence a new structure can rise. We have no choice but to brace for impact, but once the shell of the old world cracks open, all the possibilities that have been laid in the ground will spring and in fact, are already springing up. Hardship breeds the strength to act, difficulty trains us to face greater challenges. Let's open our hearts to the screams and also the laughter, because this is what we've created together. Out of the healing wounds, our hopes extract the substance to empower our societies through these toils and changes.

I know it can be tough to see the positive in all of this, but I encourage you to try as regularly as possible, because it's going to be harsh all the same and focusing on the problems only increases anxiety and fear, which in turn causes blindness to the opportunities. And there are a ton of opportunities, rest assured!


Rune of the Day: Thurisaz

Breaching of borders, overcoming of limitations; great deposits of repressed anger suddenly find a channel of expression. For good or ill, words repeated many times finally give way to actions. Recognize the needs of your body and satisfy them, vent your frustrations; show your strength but be aware that there will be a reaction. Manifest yourself, show what you are, your skills, works and intentions; use the tools at your disposal what you conceal is left to the interpretation of others.


This reading really spoke to me today, I feel like it expresses exactly what I have been through recently by my fathers passing.
It is so important to remember that we have choices in life, we get to choose how we react, in all of it's forms.
Thank you @drrune. Much love to you. I hope you are keeping well xxxxx

Yes, I had to deal with a bit of that myself at home, in silence. The air turns eerie when things can't be expressed properly.

There's much I'd like to share with you about my process with grief, even had a dream regarding that aspect of my process last night. I'll write something about that and, if you're ok with it, I could tag you.

Everything else in my life is really nice. I've been breaking away from a bunch of deep-seated patterns regarding money and other things, so I'm gaining more and more freedom! Thank you so much for your energy!

Please do tag me. I need to get back on Discord and maybe we can connect more there.
I am so happy to hear things are going good. Much love to you xxxxx

There is quite a bit going on all at once isn’t there.

My cards meanwhile have been telling me to basically chill and that everything will work out which is what I’ve been telling everyone else 😅

Though today’s one did say to hide and think (more or less, it was the hermit and one of the minor arcana).

It's a good thing to hole up once in a while just to feel and reflect. I do it quite regularly. Maybe at some point we could do a joint reading if you're fine with it!

I don't have time to hole up to feel and reflect x_x

I just have occasional moments, usually involving being somewhat impressed that I'm walking around doing things

Joint reading sounds like fun though I wouldn't have a clue where to begin with that XD