Liquidity Pool Live + 1st Partnership

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PKM LP.png

PKM Liquidity Pool is NOW LIVE!

The PKM:SPS liquidity pool is now live! With the initial liquidity provided by the team, you may now buy or sell PKM through this pool. You may access this via TribalDex or BeeSwap.

PKM Launch Schedule

PKM is a utility token that was created to give additional utilities to loyal marketplace users. Those that use the marketplace will receive tokens to access new things like tournaments and many many future features (that have not been announced yet) if you use the marketplace a lot you will likely never "NEED" to swap/buy tokens. From our perspective buying PKM from other users is considered optional to those who have used the marketplace a lot. With that said we understand that the mechanics of the drop and the limited distribution and the incentives from the diesel pool product may influence the price of the token. If we do share insights to upcoming products it will be to get feedback or motivate users to become marketplace users not to motivate you to buy PKM.


We have great news that Splinterlands company is partnering with PeakMonsters users (which are Splinterlands users) and providing Liquidity to the PKM:SPS pool!

The result is 500,000 SPS and 5,000,000 PKM has been added to the PKM:SPS pool at the initial rate and this portion will not be eligible for LP rewards.

In addition 500,000 SPS has also been staked and the staking rewards will be added to the LP rewards pool on a continual basis. (Roughly 12k SPS a month at today's APR will be added.)


Moments ago we officially funded the liquidity pool with an initial 810K SPS and 8.1M PKM.

Note that the team members that added SPS do not get access to the PKM from the pool for a year. Additionally the accounts that provided the initial liquidity are NOT eligible for LP provider rewards when that starts on the 24th. 

Read more about PKM Profit Sharing and Liquidity Pool here.


Buying PKM, Adding and Removing Liquidity, and LP Rewards

How to BUY PKM from the pool?

Direct BeeSwap Link


Steps in swapping SPS to PKM:

  1. Make sure that the SPS is in your Hive-engine wallet.
  2. Go to the SPS:PKM pool.
  3. Input the SPS amount that you want to buy PKM with. The corresponding PKM will be automatically shown in the page.
  4. Click Swap.

Few seconds after you have completed the steps, the PKM will usually reflect quickly in your Hive-engine wallet. Viewable on or Beeswap.

How to ADD and REMOVE liquidity in the pool?


Steps in Adding Liquidity:

  1. Go to the Add Liquidity page.
  2. Input the corresponding amount of PKM or SPS that you would like to add. The quantity for the token pair will be filled automatically.
  3. Click Add Liquidity


Steps in Removing Liquidity:

  1. Go to the Remove Liquidity page.
  2. Input the % of your existing liquidity in the pool that you want to remove.
  3. Click Remove Liquidity

Rewards to Liquidity Providers in the PKM:SPS pool

Liquidity providers of the PKM:SPS pool will be given rewards starting March 24th. As mentioned earlier, the initial liquidity funding of the team members in the pool are NOT ELIGIBLE for the LP providers rewards.

The @peakmonsters account has saved up an initial distribution

Initial Reward Pool

Note: Numbers may change slightly before the 24th


We plan to add every month or quarter to the reward pool from profits. Since our profits go up and down each month, our donations to the reward pool will also change monthly. We suspect it will be at least $3,000 monthly, but as Splinterlands and PeakMonsters grows, those donations may go up.

Basic rule of thumb: As PKM distribution goes up, so does the pool for PKM liquidity providers.


PeakMonsters and Splinterlands links:

Other Social Media accounts:



That's great and we are all now play splinterlands via PKM beside DEC ans SPS, its open more opportunities to initiate and participate in the battle tournament, thanks.

great work im going to buy some and hope fully add some in pool hope I get high apy

Sweet. I got some PKM!

hay alguna estimacion del % de yield de la pool PKM/SPS???

Super amazing.


Good to know. Is there any air drop for pkm with the account tiers?

Check token whitepaper. 😁

now that the price of PKM has been somewhat established (obviously it still needs time) and is fairly low, are you considering raising the airdrop values? 😁

Airdrop value changes depending on market volume, not on token value. 😌

now now now :D

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Is there a way to see what my current $ value is transacted as to where I place for the airdrop?

Nice one, i got in the Pool, owning 0.8% of the Pool only

I completely missed this announcement of PKM. Sheesh, I'm slacking. Spending too much time with my head in the sand (so to speak) managing Blockchain Poets. I need to remember to look up once in a while.

Anyway, as a loyal user of peakmonsters for the past x year (3..4..? I don't remember. Whenever you started it) I am thrilled to see this move.

I will be right there investing into the pool. Look forward to seeing what it brings!

I'll go and read your other posts and all the docs. Very exciting news! Good luck!!



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cant wait....

great work, hope we can see new things soon

Awesome, I received my first pkm tokens today too so will be staking.