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I haven't seen or heard a single flock of fieldfare this fall. Where did they go? Last year, blackbirds came to our village every day and ate all the berries on the trees. And this year they are not visible. Where did they go?
Maybe there is a lot of food in the forest and they do not fly to people?

I only saw one fieldfare this morning, though they always fly in flocks. He ate almost nothing, sat for a while and flew away.





Winter has begun for us. I will fill the bird feeders every day to make it easier for them to survive the harsh time. And the birds will delight me with their games around the feeder.
My cats will also watch the birds! They like to watch birds. They would even like to catch them, but they can't do it.


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Good luck and have fun


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thanks 👍

Such a beautiful bird! It has begun to get colder here also, I have started putting more feed out along with suet to help with the birds who winter here.

Yes, lard is good food for birds. It is eaten by tits

What a fat little bird. How does it even fly? 😅

It has a jet engine in the back.
It turns on after eating berries.

Ahahhahah! That must be amazing to watch! 😁

причёска у птаха классная))

These birds (свиристели) are called "waxwings" on my side of the pond. I have the cedar waxwing (Bombycilla cedrorum), and I'd guess that this cute little fellow is a Bohemian waxwing (B. garullus), simply based on your location. They look almost identical.

They are indeed a rare sight; I've never seen one at a bird feeder. Then again, I have plenty of berry bushes.

Oh yeah.
I was wrong. It's a waxwings!