aceh tourism that spoils the eyes

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hey friends, warm greetings from me @petrion me because it's my first time posting in this community I want to introduce myself first, I'm @petrion from aceh, Indonesia, thank you

that day I went for a walk with my friends to one city, namely the city of banda aceh where the city of banda aceh is known to have many tourists who visit there, there are a lot of tours in banda aceh, the picture I took is the Calang area where the picture shows joy, where in front there is a mountain that looks like an island, the water is clean enough to make our eyes enchanted jumping there, the scenery is very beautiful, this place is very crowded with visitors, sit down for coffee while enjoying khop coffee, khop coffee is the typical coffee of the area where the coffee behind the glass goes down and is drunk on the plate, it's really hard to explain if friends don't see it directly.


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