Kena buli but didn't gibapak

in Team Malaysia2 months ago (edited)


This is a rather interesting situation. Today bossku was chilling at the biscuit factory. Due to lock down, our production wasn't as good compare to last time. So I was drinking beer watching porn, suddenly surveillance camera shows movement and intruder alert sounded.

Immediately bossku mobilized all our hobos and spy out, disposed all of our cookies and resources in time and wait for the intruder arrival. And guess what, bossku loss nothing, but the intruder lost some army on their way back.

Anyway, tokenbb has been officially taken off by @buildteam. It was some great fun until @fundition were taken off from the upvote, and bossku lost it's last source of income from there. Seriously kids, don't do drug. But buy our 1 million drug biscuits.