Absolutely breathtakingly beautiful in the fall colours, temple reflecting the mood of autumn in painted colours.

Always enjoy the extreme input of information you share @abitcoinskeptic it is an outing always to be remembered, even if I am only doing it through your lens.

@tipu curate

Thank you @joanstewart, I'm glad you liked it. I've taken a few photos since I took a bit of a rest from blogging. I hope to share some more.

Year has been upside down, great to have you back.

This post is so full of colour, lacking in long historical past, is made up in seeing traditional walls painted to such high standards. Building down a valley giving wonderful views, I would imagine this would be a day trip for most covering a lot on offer visually.

Very stunning view with speechless beauty of the temple and surrounding nature. I really miss my next trip to South Korea.

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Thanks. I hope you visit soon!

Korea has such a rich culture, just look at those architecture 😍 also such beautiful colors of autumn 😆 thank you for sharing! 😄

500 years of history and all the colors of the rainbow! Glad you liked it.

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Oh Wow, what a post and pictures. Those fall colors are amazing in these shot's. Congrats on the win, definitely well deserved.

Thank you ♡♡♡<3

A fabulous and colorful post here my friend.
Some lovely photography and those colors are mind blowing.
That temple looks so serene!

Yeah. This place is great for photo taking, not the most quiet place though, too many tourists and only one pathway.
I prefer the isolated ones.

Ohe yeah, we also like the isolated places and best times to go is either very early or late in the afternoon. I have the habit of contacting the managers of the places here to ask fo photo visits and one has even offered us a free tour.

The pictures so colorfull. Amazing👍

Wow exelente paisajes y las fotos son muy buenas, gracias por compartir.

That is so beautiful! I want to go to the Korean Alps.

Thanks, I want tp visit again, myself.

Amazing place

Это что- то с чем-то

The nature around the temple and also the temple, both are colorful! Pretty great visit & thanks or sharing with us!


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Thanks. Glad you liked it.

Sounds like normal married life!
Gorgeous photos :-)

Thanks. This year hasn't been the most exciting year, haha.

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Oh how gorgeous! That combination of the mountains, fall colors and colorful temple is stunning!
How fortunate to be able to hike in that area!
Thanks for sharing it with us!

I'm glad you liked it. I saw some pictures of it from last weekend when it snowed and it looks nice, too!