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Off the Northern coast of Madeira, there is a tiny island called Ilheo Vermelho, which looks very similar to a shark (or a dolphin, as it seemed to @seadbeady). What was my surprise when I decided to translate the name of this island from Portuguese, and found out that it just means Red Island. Red Island? Seriously? Well, it's red, that's clear... but if I had the chance, I would call this place, for example, Shark Fin Island... or Dead Stegosaurus Island... or something. Beautiful places on our planet should be given beautiful names, then, maybe Mother Nature will be more lenient to mankind. :)

Madeira, Portugal. 
October, 2017. 

@alexanderfluke's pics 
for the #amazingnature contest by @adalger
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That is incredible - at first, I thought what a weird dolphin but then I saw it was made of rocks :)

Exactly! :) Thank you for your feedback!

Shark fin would suit and feels good too. The picture looks like a shark chasing a dolphin, the small rock looks like dolphin face 😊

Thanks for the feedback!

Impressive image, what is nature and its changes; and our heads looking for representation in things.