Family of frogs living at our house.

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I love frogs they are funny, fascinating little creatures and come in all different sizes and colours. Around here the most common is the green tree frog and they are everywhere.


You can hear them at night croaking very loudly and they hang out in peoples gardens because they are a constant source of water (ponds, sprinklers etc).
One night when we were sitting outside we noticed one sitting on top of a drainpipe just outside the back door.

Frog in a drain

He would reappear every night and we figured he was probably eating the bugs that come to the lights nearby. Every night we would go out and look up and see him there, just sitting. Always gone by morning though.

One night he didn't appear and we were worried he may of been eaten by a snake or moved on but a few nights later he was back. With a girlfriend!

2 frogsssss!

After that every night the two of them would sit up there and hang out, not bothered by us at all even when we climbed on top of the aircon to take a photo.
After a couple of weeks they disappeared again and we figured they may of moved on to mate and find a good pond.


A few nights later we noticed them back and then a few nights after that another appeared and joined them. Now every night when we go outside there is 3 green tree frogs sitting on the drainpipe. None of them seem to move much and I don't like to pick them up as they are sensitive to chemicals in soaps and other stuff we use.

3 frogs!!!!!!

Hopefully these 3 keep returning. We are moving out soon but I will make sure the sprinklers are set for them and we may even bury some pipes for them to hide in and fill with water when it rains.


Froggies! Frogs are so cute XD

They keep multiplying, you'll have an army of frogs soon.

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I love your photos. I don't think the same about the frogs 🐸 because I'm rather afraid of them but they look beautiful in the pictures and they seem to be happy.