Critters Galore

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Critters Galore

The little man and I are always on the search for different things. I apparently forgot to post some pictures from last fall but when I saw them, I knew that I needed to give them some light!

Going on hikes in the fall season is great, the weather is very enjoyable from a temperature standpoint and you can get some good distances in without feeling like crap and getting decimated by the bugs and shit! It's certainly one of my favorite times of year to be outside, just in different bits of the outside than one would normally think!


With the little man though, he's always turning over rocks and crap to see what he can find lol. This time was no different! He was turning over rocks when we were out on our journey and we came across some cool stuff, things that I'm really not even sure what the heck it is! This is a bit of an example of it. I don't know what exactly this thing is, is it a slug? It kind of looks like a slug but what's for sure is that the thing has definitely dropped some baby eggs! I don't know if I've seen eggs like this before so it was really cool to see. We didn't get sick handling these things too which is a solid win, as you don't really know sometimes with the things around us lol


Then there's this abomination! What the hell is this thing? It looks like a fucking turd from a young animal or something hahaha. It was alive though! It's certainly a caterpillar of some kind, likely going to turn into a moth. Damn was the thing ugly as sin though, holy shit hahaha. We absolutely did not pick this fella up with our hands! I made sure that we grabbed him with a leaf, and a big leaf at that! There was no way I was going to touch this thing it looked nasty lol


It was in the process of eating stuff too! I think we were hiking near a pond and were looking for salamanders in this particular scenario when we flipped over a log and saw this hell-spawn. It wasn't very aggressive but it was certainly trying to get away from us and get back to feasting on the deadfall of a tree or something, or make it so that whatever colony of ants or something that it was nearby would serve it as it's meals for the period. Whatever the case though, I'm glad that we found it to take a picture of it, but also that we haven't found another one since then, nor before lol. I'm not a huge looks person when it comes to disliking things in the animal kingdom but I can make exceptions sometimes, such as in this situation!


While we were out, we saw some really awesome fungi! I don't know specifically what kind this was, as I didn't have my phone app installed that helped identify them. I love seeing these giant fungi piles though, even if they are usually poisonous and not something we should be going near. It's cool to see them and the various things that nature comes up with! The color here is pretty bright, which could mean that it's not good for us. I think the fungi with some good white pulp are ones that are manageable but it's hard to know for sure, as with fungi you could be very wrong and end up in a whole lot of trouble lol


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When one goes on such adventures, one gets to see such things. I also went to a similar place with my friends some time ago and we also found some very special stones which we don't see in normal places.

That is a nice post. I am relaxing when I reas your post, your friend is funnny. Thank you for your sharing