Feeding the bees in winter, or not??

in Amazing Nature2 months ago (edited)

Hey everyone. To be quiet frank I am not a big supporter of feeding bees in winter. It would appear that these pics substantiate that notion.


How so Craig you may ask?? This is a bee feeder, not a bee in sight.
So why feed? My landlord is pedantic very pedantic and very impractical yet has been nagging me to make a bee feeder for months, to shut him up I did knowing it was a futile mission, hey presto turns out I was right.


Generally when bees feed or need to be fed artificially ratherand not by nature it is a mixture of sugar water. Bees will however never take sugar water, if their is a honey flow which I suspected there was, he put up these feeders which I made, money and time well wasted.



He has also been nagging me to cover the bees (hive blanket) because it's too cold? #facepalm

I have been avoiding the topic and will continue to do so. What will he suggest next we bring them a daily helping of milk, tea crumpets and sundowners?



I am simply not in the business of wasting time and money on nonsense, basically one of the only drawbacks with bee-keeping with a partner is that we often don't agree on stuff. I just don't like someone else wasting my time and money for no reason and as can be seen here these bees are busy thriving foraging like mad, carrying pollen and nectar into their hives and I assure you it is not a silly mixture of cane sugar water.


Inverted bucket filled with sugar with 4 holes hanging from the trees, nice decoration no where near Christmas. #doublefacepalm

Nature then incredible.
Have an amazing weekend.
Love, light and blessings.


I like your no nonsense approach!

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