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Hello everybody! Nature continues to delight with its variety of colors. The autumn sun and the shades of orange leaves on the trees are admirable. People go outside to get aesthetic pleasure and immerse themselves in thoughts. I went outside the city to capture another moment of golden autumn.


I saw a bull lying peacefully and decided to come closer to him. It turned out to be an interesting shot. I decided to experiment and take some photos in wide angle and regular 3: 4. It turned out interesting.


The goby continued to pose for me. And I made a couple of photos and went on.


In autumn, this place is mesmerizing with its beauty. The fact is that the city is located on a hill, and going beyond it, we see such a picture. A sharp descent into them and a huge lowland. Nearby there is a small stream and in the distance the Dnieper River flows and many trees grow. You are standing on a hill and you see it all.


The sun was in such a position that the shadows from the trees fell tens of meters into the valley. Somewhere below, people were walking. Great time for a walk.


I went to the beginning of the private sector and saw an unusual shaped tree. I like to notice things like that. But I decided to go further and move away from civilization.


Every time I am convinced that nature is the best artist and architect. All that remains for us is to enjoy the creation of nature and take beautiful photos.


At this point, I again decided to take a wide photo. I think it turned out not bad.


I decided to go down and go to the river. At one point, I saw that the lack of a smartphone camera could be used to my advantage. The bright sunshine and my angle captured the fog effect.

photo1635168574 (1).jpeg

But soon the weather began to deteriorate and the sky was covered with clouds. I went to the river and took my last shot. The Dnieper is a beautiful river surrounded by nature, but sometimes nature and civilization look harmonious.


Photo information
Camera: Xiaomi Redmi note 9 pro
Location: Zhlobin, Belarus

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Getting out into the open, playing around with lens sizing enjoying the great outdoors, yes nothing beats that. Nice photography in the region during fall season.

Thanks! Great time to spend time outdoors and enjoy nature!

Beautiful time of the year, we heading back into summer down south, things will be warming up!

Oh, this is interesting. Where do you live?

Durban (East Coast) of South Africa where it gets hot and humid in summer, winter it is the greatest place on earth! Have a wonderful week and thanks for sharing a little about Ukraine.

Oh, you probably live in a great place. At the moment I am in Belarus. This is also a wonderful country. Thanks for your comment and your attention.

I would love to visit Belarus, next door neighbour to Ukraine, all on the East where we were unable to visit when traveling in the 1970's. Each country has their own culture and personality so enjoy your stay or is it a permanent move?

Agree. Each country is different. Covid has limited travel. At the moment, this is the country in which I reside constantly.

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Very nice photography 👍 .. I like how you put these trees into scene .. but my favourite is this really cute cow 🐮

Oda, the cow is the decoration of the post. This is a small bull. He waited nicely while I took pictures of him :)

 11 months ago  

He did very well 😁 .. all him to pose in your next posts to 🤣