First snow this winter!

in Amazing Nature5 months ago

If there is snow in the Netherlands, it's always for a very short period! our climate comes from the North sea so it's often to warm for a nice long winter!

Just like yesterday! The prediction was a big snow bomb in the middle and southeast part of the country but just very local! The snow in the city's disappeared within a hours but in the nature area and the countryside it would be white!

So i set my alarm early and when i looked outside it was all white!
Quick breakfast and coffee and off i was!
I did took my drone with me because I hoped to capture the forest just before the biggest snowfall rolled in!

I shot this vidoe with my drone, DJI mavic 2 pro, my telephone, Samsung S21 and mij canon6D mark2! I am playing more and more with videography! Just trying things out! It never hurts to know how to film and edit!

And I just uploaded my my pictures to my computer! I took a shocking 1159 pictures yesterday.... Editing hell is about to begin!
I also take pictures for a local news website and there they wanted to have 10 pictures for the website today! So for now here the first 10 of many snow pictures!




IMG_3677 (2).jpg








Amazing photos! I love it. !ALIVE !PIZZA

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Thanks mate, pizza after a walk in the snow is gooood 😅👍


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One true winter fairy-tale! 😍📸👍

We featured your photograph in our @PhotoCuration selection, congrats!

Thank you so much🙏to bad the snow is almost gone already🤷

Probably the real winter hasn't started yet? 😃📸👍

Oh lovely Vibes. Seeing snow Made me feel calm.

It's so nice in the snow. It's also more quiet outside to. Because the snow is absorbing the sound.

We appreciate your work and your publication has been hand selected by the geography curation team on behalf of the Amazing Nature Community. Keep up the good work!