Amazing Nature Contest: FREE TOPIC - #3/9/22 EVALUATION

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Authored by @bucipuci


(Google translate form Czech)

That's how the rated round of the competition got pretty colorful for us. Your contest articles reveled in the colors of flowers and insects :-).

Greetings to all Amazing Nature Community supporters.

As it happens, a black cloud creeps into the blue sky. In our case, it is the lack of jurors. Apparently everyone is dealing with expensive energy and figuring out how to replace it with natural resources :-)


Only two judges were willing to participate in the evaluation of your competition articles. That's really not enough.
After careful consideration (taking into account votes from the jury) I have awarded two first and two second prizes.

First prizes



Second prizes



Honorable Mention:



Snímek z 2022-10-04 20-30-35.png

special thanks to the jury composed of:
@oscurity, @joslud

I congratulate the winners and thank everyone for the interesting contest articles.

If you have an interesting article about nature and you don't think it should "fit" in the flood of other articles on the Amazing Nature Community, enter the competitions organized by the community.

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Thank you for the honor. It was gratifying for me to participate in this contest in which I had not participated for a long time. Congratulations to the winners and to my fellow honorees.

 2 months ago  

You're welcome :-)


Thank you very much for the mention @hive-127788, it was a pleasure to participate in this contest, congratulations to the winners, very beautiful and amazing nature pictures.


 2 months ago  

The sight of a beautiful flower pleases :-)


Thank you for choosing my post, and congratulations to the other winners, hopefully this will increase again the desire of hivers to continue to support this contest

 2 months ago  

I hope that our competition will make people observe the nature around them more like you :-)


Yes, I agree

 2 months ago  


Such great photos! congratulations to all participants, by the way @joslud this is the first time i see this incredible insect wow!

This is amazing post congratulations