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Authored by @nelinoeva


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Amazing Nature Contest - October 2020 - #02

And now I would like to bring to your attention the posts that were curated this week and kindly ask you to give your support to their amazing authors.

@redheadpei is showing a herd of buffalos with some less known facts about these gentle giants.

👉Buffaloland: Calves👈

@astrea in her post is telling about her pet - the adorable turtle, called Juliet.

👉Juliet, una mascota inesperada / Juliet, an unexpected pet (Chelonoidis carbonaria)👈

@papa-pepper found this colourful unknown caterpillar. Can you help to identify it?


What a fascinating story @oscurity tells about his favorite pet Nadia, the Mongolian gerbils, how she met her partner and become mother.


@p2hive has a story about the grasshopper and its misfortune.

👉My story is about a grasshopper who had an unfortunate fate👈

@aaronadventures has encountered Garter snake and made this incredible photo.

👉Wilderness Journal 03 - Snakes, rabbits and homesteads👈

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 11 months ago  

Wonderful posts for curation Neli! And I’m happy to have my post on the buffalo included.:)

 11 months ago  

Your buffalo caught my eye instantly. 😀

I'm a nature addict. However, I don't take pictures. Is it appropriate to post here and use properly credited photos from other sources? My blogs tend to be well-researched, but I just don't take picture :)
Thanks for your reply. I think my posts could fit nicely into this community, unless being a photographer is one of the requirements :)

 11 months ago  

Of course, your own photos take precedence.
If you have an "interesting and valuable" story, other photographs can be tolerated, with the source cited.
moderator A-N-C

Thanks. I prefer to be welcomed, rather than just tolerated, so I guess I shouldn't post here. My blogs are deeply researched, but I don't take pictures.
I hope you have a great day!

 11 months ago  

I'm not a photographer either. Professional photos are taken by professionals. Fans of Amazing Nature usually use a mobile phone for photography. It is definitely enough for documentary pictures :-)

Thank you so much for responding. I don't go out a lot. There's not much opportunity for nature photography at home :)) So I guess the community is not a good fit for me to post in. However, I can enjoy the wonderful nature posts that others write.
Thanks again for your response. Hive has so many opportunities, so many communities, there is a niche for everyone.
I wish you health and peace.

 11 months ago  

You're welcome :-)

Hope you don't mind that I share with you the blog (which I posted in GEMS) I wanted to write for your community. As you can see, the subject is appropriate, but the pictures are not mine (except for one).
Have a great day :)
Don't Touch! Venomous Caterpillars

 11 months ago  

It's alright. Any news about nature is welcome.

 11 months ago  

Congratulations to Neli for another curatorial contribution :-)

 11 months ago  

Thank you!!! 😀

 11 months ago  

You're welcome :-)

 11 months ago (edited) 

That is an amazing curation post @nelinoeva 😁 .. You choose some excellent posts .. I love them all! ^^

 11 months ago  

Thank you very much!
They are indeed excellent and I expect more like them in the future.