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The fish that lived with the dinosaurs! The case of the Asprete fish in Romania🐟


📍Location: Romania

Have you ever had a chance to look at a fossil? Well, here in Nature News we present you one that still lives in Romania. This is the strange case of the asprete fish, very few have been able to observe it, and in fact, it is threatened according to official information from Fishbase, the largest scientific database on fish.

A newspaper article published in BioGuia by Hernán Lameda


📍Location: Romania

It is estimated that approximately 65 million years ago the dinosaurs became extinct, and hence theories fly as to why this mass extinction occurred. But of course, that will not be our focus, but on a species that is believed to have shared habitat with the giant reptiles.

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Who is the asprete fish? (Romanichthys valsanicola)

It is a fish that lives in the feshwaters of Romania, but it is very difficult to find. Fishbase reports 15 live asprete fish! That's right, and they are critically endangered according to this database.


📍Location: Romania

The "asprete" has the quality of always being hidden under the rocks, probably this is why it has managed to survive so many years on Earth. Therefore, it is not a migratory fish, and it has been observed in temperatures between 10°-20°C.

They are relatively medium-sized fish, reaching a maximum length of 11cm long. Their activity is normally carried out at night, they are nocturnal and teritorial fish.

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How long has the "asprete" existed?

It already existed since prehistoric times, when human beings still did not inhabit the planet, yes, we are facing real living fossils.

This species was discovered in 1957 by Dumitrescu and Stoica, it is a recently known species. So hidden have they remained that humans became aware of their existence less than 100 years ago. It is worth saying that they are fish that have always had little population.


Photo credits: Petru Banarescu, Liliana Vasiliu-Oromulu, Institute of Biology
📍Location: Romania

The truth is that little is known about this fish. There are few specimens and it has been seen on few occasions. Therefore, studies are scarce. However, there is no doubt that it is a species with great ability to survive.

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Animals suffer adaptations

We know that all species undergo mutations over the years, this for the purpose of adaptation. In the case of the asprete fish, because the habitat where they live has undergone few changes, they have been able to survive and adapt, even so, they are critically endangered.


Photo credits: El Heraldo News
📍Location: Romania

Were you impressed by the asprete fish?🐟 Even, there is a movement in social networks for its preservation. This living fossil is a testimony that we must preserve about the history of terrestrial biology.

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