Amazing Nature Contest - March 2020 - #04 | The roots of a Bonsai is similar to our Covid-19 affected nations

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Have you ever seen the roots of a Bonsai plant ?

I'm no expert but when I do see one, I appreciate it to the highest level. Firstly, from the many Bonsai experts that I know, caring for the Bonsai is hard work. It's like they have a mind of their own and because their roots grow above the ground, they need to withstand the many obstacles; hot, cold, rain etc...

Just look at the roots of this Bonsai plant. See how it wraps around each other and the thickness of its roots shows just how strong it is. I had shared a post a while back about how the roots of every plant is important; just as the backbone of every nation.


In today's global pandemic situation, the roots of every country is tested - it has to combat both the internal and external obstacles that comes its way. Like the Bonsai roots, the nations are exposed to extreme external complications, something that many are not prepared for and till this very day have no answer to resolve it.

Be it the heat or cold or too much water or less, the Bonsai is able to react with countermeasures; that's because it is something common to it and the roots have created a self inoculation to overcome it. But, what happens if a new fertiliser is given to it, how would its roots adapt to the change.

Very much like the situation in many countries, COVID-19 is just a flu yet this flue has evolved itself so much that the current available medication or vaccine isn't enough to fight it off. Like the Bonsai roots, we continue to try all possibilities to overcome and overthrown this virus; after all, this is survival of not just any nation but the entire human sapien species.

Purpose of this contest
Nature can be anything from plants to animals to landscapes. Untouched from its original form but evolved naturally over the years. We live in a modern, fast moving lifestyle that sometimes, we need to stop to appreciate the beauty of Mother Nature and what it has been offering to us all these centuries.


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Another beautiful metaphorical nature related post @ireenchew ^^ .. I am really impressed of your skill to merge these things so beautiful together. I also try myself out on this from time to time and I am always super happy to see one of these posts from you 😁

Thanks @adalger..
I always felt that everything in our daily life is connected to each other.
I had recently watched the movie Karate Kid by Jacky Chan & Jayden Smith.
One part in the script says... Everything is Kong Fu. The meaning is so deep and so true.
Many assume that Kong Fu is attack & defence and must be learned in a school.
But in actual fact, Kong Fu is in everything and everywhere.

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Ohh , I love that ^^ .. you sound like my old trainer ;) .. He told this to me nearly every week, haha 🤣 .. One day I will annoy my son with this every week

I love bonsai trees they are so very cute :)