At the holy place

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Alloha hivers!

Hows everyone? Hope all of you is fine and doing great job upon sharing their daily blogs. Although I've been inactive for the past few days and I'm suffering a hand pain, again. Missed you all! Take time to rest and don't abused our health. May God protect us, always.

Last Saturday I'm having a roadtrip then I've visit our catholic church that been located at the front of my old school. My alma mater. While I'm driving, there's a lot of renovations in that place. It's been so long since my last visit at my church.

(What a nice view upstairs. The blue paint is my old school.)

Upon reaching the church I've seen this 2 guys sitting in a corner. Enjoying the views and having a nice convo that makes me reminisce when I was young. We always hangout outside the church. Memories will stay in my heart and soul.

(The old playground but now full of plants)

As I remember this spot is the playground. We always played in this corner with some of my friends when I was in elementary. The swing, seasaw, slides and a lot more. It's just a simple playground but it brings happiness for us. We endure everything we had that time, how I wish to be a kid, again lol.

(Our holy catholic church)

(The only way I can go out lol)

(My right view while imagining something🤗)

(The front view of the church)

After few decades living in my place, our church looks so elegant. Love the color of the paint that really fits the nature background. They never cut some of the trees there that can create some fresh air. Love it!

How I missed this place. I have a bunch of memories here if you don't mind. If only I can stay longer in that place that I can express all my doubts and regrets of in my life. It's one of my favourite place if I'm frustrated. Though I'm not always attending a mass but I do believed in God and my 100% faith/trust is always in my heart.

(The view downstairs, isn't nice?)

(Just mhe🤗)

It's time to cut my emotional imaginations in a relaxing place because I have something to be paid lol. I enjoy my 1 hour staying outside the church. Worth it to be in a stairway in heaven at the holy place. To God be the glory.

All the photos are originally mine
Shot by: realme C25s

September 13,2022
11:22 am


The fighter mom,


Lovely place that is, obviously, full of memories for you :) I think most of us like to return to places that we remember from our childhood. Thanks for taking us to this one with you through this post. It will be my pleasure to share it with my followers in the next round of my upvote giveaway. Keep up the good work! :)

Oh my thanks for the huge upvote and I really appreciate it. It's a really a nice place that you really want to visit. God bless po😇...

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Ang ganda dyan, parang pag nakarating ako dyan mapapadasal talaga ako hahaha. Yun maguguilty ka sa mga kasalanan mo hahhaa

Yes po at maganda tlga ang lugar na yan. Daanin na lng natin sa dasal mga kasalanan na nagawa natin lol.

It does look so serene, sis Jean!

Oh thank you sis! Gud aftie!

I loved the pictures sis and while reading this my memories on my elementary school days also brings brings back to me the place

We have the same feeling and thanks for dropping sis!

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Aww. Nostalgic sis. That's what I feel too when I happen to visit some old places I used to hang out.

Apir tayo sis! Dami memories na dapat e keep nho.

We appreciate your work and your publication has been hand selected by the geography curation team on behalf of the Amazing Nature Community. Keep up the good work!

Oh thank you so much @hive-127788....god bless.