Taylor's Nest And the memories of my childhood involved with it

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One of the artistic birds is Taylor Bird. Through their skill and skillful craftsmanship, they build their own habitat on the leaves of various trees. They usually attach one or two leaves together and sew with their beaks to form their habitat and live there. This artistic work of theirs made them known as skilled craftsmen in nature.





The beak of this bird is almost as thin as a needle. Of course, these birds are also very small. And this little bird makes a wonderful nest by sewing on the leaves of the tree with its beak like a needle. In many cases, they thin the straw or the leaves of other trees and give them to those thin parts. Moreover, many times yarn-like material can be seen in their homes.

The last two days, I went under a blackberry tree to see if there was a ripe blackberry on a blackberry tree in our house. However, the blackberry tree is very small. On the way down the blackberry tree, I suddenly saw a bird's nest made of blackberry leaves. All that remains to be understood is that it is Taylor's nest. Because only Taylor birds can do such a great artistic work in the leaves.

Of course I saw a little difference in this bird's nest. This is because the bird's nest is made a little bigger with some parts of plastic bags, straw and other parts. All the Taylor bird nests I have seen before are small or medium type.





Of course, when I touched the bird's nest with my hand, Taylor flew out of the nest and landed on a branch of a tree and flew back and forth. Maybe it scared me if I broke this bird's nest! So it was flying around and chirping. Anyway I moved on from there with a few photographs. Then it flew back to its nest.

My Childhood Memories

I had a little weakness towards keeping birds since I was a child. So when I was a child, I used to take one of my cousins ​​on a tour of different crops, and when I saw a bird's nest there, I would check if there were any baby birds.





If I saw an egg in a bird's nest, I would come with a sign around this bird's nest to go next. When the birds hatched, I would bring them home and keep them in bamboo cages. Although it was my bad habit but it was very good in my childhood. Although I received a lot of reprimands from my parents for this. Because they said that it is not right to bring a baby bird in this way. But then I did not understand these.

In addition, many times I would buy these chicks and other chicks from my peers and keep them inside the cage and feed them various insects or rice husks and water. I even tried to feed them small fish and that is why I used to catch small fish.

As a child, I used to rejoice when I saw this bird's nest in a field or in the leaves of a tree. But when I realize that these are not my good deeds, I gradually move away from this kind of work. At that time I felt guilty and felt very bad. Anyway, seeing such a bird's nest now sometimes reminds me of the past.

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