"Thinking about ZEN at a Farm 子羊、農場で禅について考える”

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"Thinking about ZEN at a Farm"

I saw newborn lambkins the other day at a farm near my house. They were super pretty and lovely. They were still fresh and drinking milk from their mother. I saw a teaching moment. That was a very interesting moment to watch.

One of the lambs wanted to drink milk from his mother and squeezed into the other lamb. However, his mother kicked him away. The lamb looked sad and he walked away.

I thought the mother was just mean. After a while, the mother went back to the lamb and using her leg to tap him. She made him stand up and gave him her milk. The lamb looked so happy and made a voice when he was drinking her milk. Wow... I thought his mother was annoyed with him. She was teaching him to take turns. I was really impressed with them. I was also surprised that his mother remembered about him. Their life is probably shorter than my life. They are going to be human food someday. However, they never forget to teach their original lifestyle. They are simply living in this moment.

I often have a deep thinking moment. Sometimes it is too much. My head became too heavy to think about something which never is solved now. I don't need to think now but why I am wasting my time and energy? I sometimes can't live in the moment simply. Zen concept is sometimes too simple to remember. Every time when I see nature or animals, they blow my mind.


The term Zen is derived from the Japanese pronunciation of the Middle Chinese word 禪 (chán), an abbreviation of 禪那 (chánnà), which is a Chinese transliteration of the Sanskrit word dhyāna ("meditation").[note 1] Zen emphasizes rigorous self-restraint, meditation-practice, insight into the nature of mind (見性, Ch. jiànxìng, Jp. kensho, "perceiving the true nature")

Hmm... if I read this explanation, I get it. And then, I forget this concept when my mind is very busy. I am repeating the same things. However, I have some solutions. If my mind is super busy,

I just go to nature or simply go outside and do barefoot walking, go to the lake swimming, touch vegetables or plants, touch snow in winter, do yoga, drink tea, do foot massage, create cut-paper art, draw pictures, heat my body, have a bath, pray Buddhist chants... and more.

Sounds like they are DBT or CBT training. Yes, maybe they are. I hope I can handle a simple lifestyle little by little more and more! Please share your ZEN moment styles!







禅(ぜん、Zen)は、仏教用語として「心が動揺することのなくなった状態」を意味する サンスクリット語「ध्यान( dhyāna、ディヤーナ)」の音写である禅那(ぜんな)(=禅定)の略語





The Image from Wikipedia 画像はウィキペディアより:
About ZEN: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zen

Sibling Lambkins 兄弟羊

Mother Sheep and Baby lamb お母さん羊と赤ちゃん羊

"I am hungry mom." 「お腹すいたよママ...」

・About DBT 弁証法的行動療法についてはコチラ:

・About CBT 認知行動療法についてはコチラ:

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Just Sitting

He looks very gentle. I understand why you want to visit him. I am always impressed with monks’ calm energy and beautiful hands. When I was young, I hesitated to learn Buddhism but now I love to practice or learn the concept of Buddhism! Again, thank you for sharing your Sensei’s video! I liked it, especially when he was explaining the listening part during his Zazen.