I'm Shocked, yet Infatuated with this Monster, but What the Heck is it??

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Hello dear #nature and #garden friends!

Today your swarm knowledge is needed.


What is this plant? I discovered the flower during my walk in the park.


I find the flower so beautiful that I immediately photographed it from all sides.


Does anyone know the name of this natural beauty?


Unfortunately, I can't help you with botanical terms, but I think the beauty of the plant must be shown! What the heck is that thing?? Please comment below if you have any ideas...


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One time I saw some people eat this thing they say that if you try it when it's not ripe it could be deadly. But when you do eat it when it's ripe, they said that it tastes like a pineapple mixed with a Jolly Rancher. I would like to try this thing one day, but if I get the opportunity, I will decline because it's better safe than sorry.

This is the Delicious Monster (Monstera deliciosa) the stem inside the 'flower' is edible when picked at the right time, tastes like a fruit salad.

Lovely bloom you captured here, link to eating

Dear @joanstewart !

Thank you for your comment. I have been able to learn something from you. Very interesting to know that you can use parts of the plant to make a fruit salad.
Thank you so much! @missagora

So glad to have helped, we have them in the garden and learned about them some time ago !LOLZ had to look for a video to fully explain how critical it is to be fully ripened before eating...

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I'm surprised at myself. In my title, I instinctively said half of the name.😂

Is the flower easy to care for? If so, I'll get one too.

They are tough and common as houseplants that usually don't flower if they are kept indoors. Although they are tropical forest plants they can survive a fair amount of cold in winter and heat and sun in summer. Mine has made plenty of fruit, I'm waiting for them to ripen

That all sounds very good. A robust plant that can withstand heat and rain. Perfect. Thanks for the info.

We live sub-tropical and it is very happy in the garden, does not some attention, but not much.

That sounds good to me. I learned that the DELICIOUS MONSTER originally comes from Mexico. Perfect - I live in Mexico.🤣

Yes it is from your part of the world, grow and try them 😉

It is called Adam's Rib or Monstera Deliciosa, that is its flower. Its name is due to the indentations it has on the leaf and its rib-like shape. In Latin, its second name "delicious" is due to the fact that its fruit, in the shape of a cone, is edible.
It is beautiful this plant, its large leaves dazzle, ornament beautiful at home. It is ideal for interiors.

Hello @marito74 !

I thank you very much that you could help me. I'm totally thrilled that you can eat parts of the plant and I'm sure it tastes delicious. Now I find the flower even better than before. Thanks @missagora

That's a real beauty, and i don't know the name, sory!

Thank you very much for your support.

amazing nature is truly amazing, I have seen such thing first time in my life but whatever it is, looks beautiful and I hope it is not harmful.

Hello @rosecane !

Many hive friends have helped me and said that the plant is called Delicious Monster.
Parts of the plant are even edible I learned. @missagora

wow thats a cool name delicious and monster at the same time, because of its looks.
edible hahahha be careful and don't eat or you will change into zombie or something hehehe kidding!!