Leptiri su ukras naše planete 🦋🪷🦋 Butterflies are the decoration of our planet

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Šarenoliki leptiri se bude u proleće, baš kao i priroda.
A možemo ih sresti u svim delovima sveta, sem na severnom polu gde je veoma hladno i nemaju uslove za život.

Colorful butterflies wake up in spring, just like nature.
And we can meet them in all parts of the world, except at the North Pole, where it is very cold and they have no living conditions.

Leptir pored vode - 4.png

Leptir u bašti - 1.jpeg

Ovi insekti sa njihovim raznolikosti boja koju oni poseduju mogu se uporediti sa lepotom cveća.

These insects with their variety of colors that they possess can be compared to the beauty of flowers.

Ali do takvog lepog i šarenog leptira potreban je jedan proces.
Ne verujem u čuda ali mislim da jedino ovaj insekt poseduje moć reinkarnacije.
Od malih šarenih gusenica koje gmižu na listovima biljaka.

But such a beautiful and colorful butterfly requires a process.
I don't believe in miracles, but I think that only this insect has the power of reincarnation.
From small colorful caterpillars that crawl on plant leaves.

Leptir u ćauri - 2.jpegGusenica na listu - 3.jpegGusenica u čauri - 1.jpeg
Gusenica na listu - 2.jpegGusenica na listu - 1.jpeg

Gusenica traži mesto gde će se začauriti, samim tim počinju promene kroz koje gusenica prolazi, kako bi nastao lep krilati leptir koji je sprema za svoj let.

The caterpillar is looking for a place where it will cocoon itself, thus beginning the changes that the caterpillar goes through, in order to create a beautiful butterfly that prepares it for its flight.

Njihova krila su raznih oblika ali takođe i boja, ustvari krila su transparenta, svetlost koja se reflektuje na njihovim krilima daju im izuzetne boje kojima mogu oduševiti svakog.

Their wings are of various shapes and colors, in fact they are banner wings, the light reflected on their wings gives them exceptional colors that can delight everyone.

Leptir u bašti - 2.jpeg

Leptir u bašti - 01.png

Leptir u bašti - 5.jpeg

Leptiri mogu da vide drugačiji svet od nas, bilo bi dobro kada bi i mi ljudi videli bolji i šareniji svet poput leprira.

Butterflies can see a different world from us, it would be good if we humans could see a better and more colorful world like butterflies.

Leptir u bašti - 4.jpegLeptir u bašti - 3.jpeg
Leptir pored vode - 3.jpegLeptir pored vode - 2.jpegLeptir pored vode - 1.jpeg

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They are very cute and they are also a symbol of transformation!

Thank you, if butterflies really have a chance for another life, if we humans had that chance too, we would certainly make the second life different.

Would you like to be a butterfly?

Not even though very beautiful butterflies are short-lived, but if I could have a second life like him, maybe I would change something in my life, improve it.