Resting Deer

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On one of our recent walks through a subdivision on the edge of town we ran into several deer that were bedded down for a rest. They had chosen the well manicured grass near one of the walking paths through the houses.

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Thankfully I had my telephoto lens with me this day. While these deer appear kind of tame they are still wild animals. Usually you can't get too close without them getting up and moving away.

However on this day they seemed to not be paying much attention to me at all.

Except this guy. He seemed to want to let me know that he was watching me. :)

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Photos taken by me, @oldmans, with a Nikon D3300/Tamron 70-300mm lens and some Lightroom post processing.
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Thank you very much, greatly appreciated!😀

Looks like they've taken their launches and it's now time to sit at a spot and allow it to sink. Look at how they all took positions in different places. Nice shots buddy👍

Thank you! They were definitely not anxious to move. They were comfortable and relaxed and no human with a camera was going to scare them off. 😃

Ahahaha!😂 That's true!

And in our country, deer just don't lie down near houses ... They run away as soon as they see a person. How did you get so close? 🤔🦌

Most shots were taken at 280-300mm zoom so I'm not quite as close as I look, probably 30 yards (27 meters) at the closest. They are laying in a giant green space between the houses and I think it helps that a lot of the places are vacant for the winter. They are towny deer though so they have a little bit higher tolerance for people than a deer further out ot town in the woods. :)